Modern Bathroom, Top 10 Design Trends

faux stone bathtubs for modern bathroom design

Modern bathroom design trends, stone bathtubs, crystal tub with LED lights


Minimalism or antiquity, and certainly functionality with comfort and beautiful look are the main interior design trends that penetrated into modern bathroom furniture, lighting and fixtures design. Natural materials, water and energy saving modern bathroom fixtures, organic shapes and colorful design create contemporary bathroom decor that is functional, stylish and eco friendly.

Modern interior design ideas in eco friendly style are very popular. Installing bathroom vanities, bathtubs, shelves and adding accessories that are made of environmentally friendly materials, – stainless steel, glass, wood, ceramic and stone, are trendy remodeling ideas and bathroom design trends.

Moisture resistant finishes protects warm wood bathroom flooring, wooden bathroom furniture, small bathroom decor accessories an mirror frames made of natural wood. Inspired by nature, neutral and natural interior design colors, from natural wood and stone to bright sky blue and grass green color shades, create cheerful contemporary interior design and bathroom decorating.

Top 10 Modern bathroom design trends

Antique bathroom designs, modern bathroom sink and wall mirror in vintage style

Modern bathroom design ideas include large windows, stone and wood structural and decorating elements that connect contemporary bathroom decor to the nature and create relaxing and pleasant environment. Green house plants on the floor or walls and interesting floral compositions or floral wallpaper patterns are modern bathroom design trends also. Green leaves and flowers add beautiful forest green color shades and bright color accents to the stylish contemporary interior design palette and create calming, a spa-like atmosphere in modern bathrooms.

Made of traditional, unusual and new contemporary materials, modern bathroom sinks are available in various shapes. Free shaped modern sinks are trendy in 2011 also. Leather or stone like materials, glass and high quality colorful man-made materials make bathroom sinks look unique and modern.

1. Antique bathroom furniture and accessories in vintage style

Modern bathroom decor, antique bathroom vanity
Bathroom vanity, modern bathroom in vintage style

Antique bathroom cabinets and vintage style fixtures designed for creating unique bathroom decor are trendy. Antique bathroom furniture with carved wood shelves, legs or custom-made modern mirrors frames in vintage style, bathroom furniture, created with natural stone and exotic wood, and bathtubs made of stone, wood and metal are modern bathroom design trends for 2011. A custom-made modern bathroom vanity in vintage style is not cheap, but looks unique and stylish.

New bathroom design ideas and modern sinks

Unique modern sink design, carved wood and stone bathroom mirrors

2. Contemporary bathroom showers

Modern bathroom design trends, multifunctional bathroom showers

Energy and water saving whirlpools and showers are trendy options for modern bathroom design in 2011. Choosing comfortable and functional showers and installing eco friendly bathroom faucets are modern bathroom design trends that support eco style and green living concepts.

Walk-in showers for modern bathroom design

Modern showers, that provides spinal and foot massage with water jets, aromatherapy or ozone therapy are the part of experiencing luxurious bathroom design.

Contemporary bathroom shower design with massage and aroma therapy options

3. Modern bathtubs design trends

Innovative concepts, high quality acrylic bathtubs with built-in LED lights, and LED lighting ideas for floor and wall decorating are beautiful bathroom design ideas for creating romantic and unique interiors.

Beautiful bathtub design with LED lights and water saving features

Modern bathroom decor with LED lights looks surprising and innovative. Contemporary bathtubs with energy efficient LED lights have sensor-controlled modern bathroom fixtures to regulate the water temperature and pressure, saving up to 60% of water.

Acrylic bathtub with LED lights, contemporary bathroom design trends

4. Modern wood and stone bathtub design

Stone and wood, that keep the heat well, become popular eco friendly materials for contemporary bathroom design and interior decorating. Choosing granite, marble or precious onyx for bathroom design and decorating, – floor and wall tiles, a stone bathtub or sink, brings modern ideas into bathroom design.

Stone bathtubs and glass wall sauna, contemporary bathroom design trends

Stainless steel bathtubs and bathroom fixtures, contemporary glass shelves and decor accessories, made of stainless steel, stone or glass, adding glass walls and installing warm wooden bathtubs are modern bathroom design trends in 2011.

Latest trends and modern bathtub design ideas

Man-made stone-like bathtub materials are modern also. Stylish stone bathtubs create luxurious bathroom decor. Artificial stone bathtubs are lighter than tubs made of cast iron and natural stone. Like popular inexpensive acrylic bathtubs, faux stone bathtubs can be made in various shapes, as customers desire.

Modern bathroom design trends, stone bathtubs, crystal tub with LED lights

Installing a wood or stone bathtub that keeps the water warm brings more comfort into modern bathrooms. Adding modern green house plants or an elegant flower composition, floral wallpaper patterns or wall tiles with floral designs, and enhancing your interior design with LED lights are attractive, inspired by nature, modern bathroom design trends for creating functional and stylish rooms in eco style.

Wooden bathtub, modern bathroom design idea

Finely polished contemporary bathtubs and bathroom showers made of stone feel smooth and pleasant. Stone bathtubs and showers, made of natural stone, ceramic tiles, metal tiles or glass bathroom tiles, are practical and beautiful ideas for modern bathrooms. Stone, glass and ceramic tiles are resistant to household chemicals, including those that destroy popular acrylic bathtubs.

5. Interior design trends in eco style

A combination of wooden bathroom furniture with sleek stainless steel bathroom fixtures creates stylish contrasts, which can be enhanced with stone and glass. Blending various materials and Green design ideas are modern bathroom design trends.

Contemporary bathroom decor, stone bathtub and Green wall design with house plants, photo via floragrabb,com

Bright and eco friendly, contemporary bathroom decor with soft,  inspired by the nature patterns and decorative accents, looks simple, comfortable, elegant. Fresh flowers and dried flower arrangements, floral wallpaper patterns and tile designs, mixed with house plants and Green wall design ideas, beautify contemporary bathroom decor, adding wonderful forest green color shades and colorful accents to interior design and connect modern bathrooms with the nature.

Wooden bathroom cabinets, floral wallpaper patterns and accessories, modern bathroom design trends

Choosing eco friendly washing machine models, water saving bathroom faucets, energy efficient modern lighting fixtures, eco friendly bathtubs and applying contemporary recycling ideas to interior design are modern bathroom design trends.

Recycling ideas for modern bathroom decor, disposable garbage bin by Riccardo Nannini

6. Smart bathroom faucets with sensors

Small bathroom renovating ideas

Modern bathroom design offers smart bathroom fixtures with sensors in various contemporary shapes. Sensor equipped, eco friendly bathroom faucets remember the water temperature you like and turn the water on when you want to wash your hands. Smart and stylish, modern stainless steel bathroom faucets regulate the water pressure and signal, when you are wasting water.

Glass bathroom sink, contemporary design

Modern bathroom design trends bring space-saving, square and triangular shaped contemporary bathroom sinks and vanities that perfectly fit into corners. Classic, contemporary or vintage style bathroom faucets match the style of modern sinks. Elegant simplicity and functionality create stylish bathroom decor in eco style.

7. Eco bathroom lighting with LED lights

Contemporary bathroom lighting with LED lights for bathroom decorating in eco style

Inspired by nature, functional and decorative bathroom lighting fixtures and tile designs with energy saving LED lights are new bathroom design trends.

Eco wall tile designs with LED lights for eco friendly modern bathroom decorating

8. Multifunctional contemporary bathroom decor

Modern bathroom decor items for 2011 are comfortable, practical and space saving. Everything that takes less space is trendy. Compact contemporary bathroom furniture, multifunctional bathroom decor accessories and innovative faucets are great small bathroom design ideas and latest trends.

Shower head combined with shaving mirror, contemporary bathroom design trends

9. Luxury bathroom design

Ordinary towel bars do not provide enough comfort and style today. People want to use pleasantly warm towels, and modern heated towel rails allow to do it in style. Charming wooden or modern stainless steel bathroom towel heaters add luxurious decor accents and additional comfort to bathroom design.

Contemporary room heaters and bath accessories for luxury bathroom decorating

Metal or wooden bathroom heaters, that allow to change the temperature in accordance to personal comfort preferences, and creatively designed towel heaters are modern bathroom design trends and smart renovating ideas for 2011. Beautiful metal or wooden bathroom heaters add  functional luxury and exclusive style to contemporary bathroom decor.

Contemporary bathroom vanity with oval sink and frameless wall mirror

10. Colorful modern bathroom design trends

Creating colorful bathroom decor with vinyl walls stickers and decals, water-resistant bathroom wallpaper with green leaves patterns or floral designs, modern bathroom tiles, made of metal or glass, creative wall painting ideas and stylish stripes are modern bathroom design trends 2012.

Stylish stripes for modern home decorating

Made of high-quality plastic, colorful contemporary bathroom showers heads and handles (available in forty one colors from Out of the Blue Design Studio, are a way to create cheerful and energetic interior decorating.

Modern bathroom showers heads in various colors

Colorful contemporary bathroom decor accessories, stylish wall painting ideas, innovative and bright bathroom fixtures are great ideas for optimistic and interesting modern interior decorating. Colorful modern sinks, shower heads and bathroom faucets, modern bathroom cabinets and shelves in contemporary or vintage style, bright towels and curtains create positive energy, good mood and pleasant modern bathroom design.

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