Green Home Decor that Cleans the Air, Top Eco Friendly House Plants

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Green plants in the bedroom


House plants add beautiful green colors and natural decor accents to home interiors. Indoor plants are cheap decorations that attractively decorate tables, shelves and floor. Beautiful indoor plants make home decor look interesting and improve the air quality, creating pleasant, fresh and healthy environment.

People have been living and working indoors for many centuries, but only recently they started to built air-tight home interiors, using synthetic materials and man made home decor items. Now the air inside of modern homes is polluted with chemicals that man-made contemporary materials release. Indoor plants are charming home decorations and cheap ideas for eco style decorating that protect people health and create more natural and eco friendly home interiors.

The concentration of various pollutants, volatile organic compounds  in the air inside modern homes may reach the level many times greater than the concentration of CO2 in the polluted air of big cities. Beautiful house plants are natural home decor items that offer cheap ideas for decorating healthy homes.

Green accessories for interior decorating

Some people spend up to 90% of their day indoors. A poor air quality has a huge negative impact on human health, especially young kids, medical professionals and researches say.

People get tired and loose productivity much quicker in rooms with poor air quality, than outside of these areas.

Indoor plants that clean the air

Over the past twenty years, scientists have been talking about indoor plants ability to clean the air of dangerous chemicals. Green house plants are our friends which can substantially reduce the concentration of harmful gasses in the air inside our homes and protect people health. The studies showed that the biological interaction between plants roots and soil compounds creates microorganisms capable of eating dangerous air pollutants in modern homes.

The appetite of these organisms increases with the increase of the concentration of harmful chemicals in the air, the scientists said. Dr. Wolverton, who was working for NASA in 80s, discovered that indoor plants could remove harmful gases from the test chamber.

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Feng SHui home decor with miniature indoor plants

Green home decor miniatures

Kitchen-decorating with green house plants and save money

The experiment was a part of NASA program for maintaining clean air in closed life-support systems. Indoor plants are perfect for air tight home interiors.  Green house plants are eco friendly home decor accessories, that are both beautiful and functional.

In 1990 Dr. Wolverton tested 50 house plants and studied their ability to remove various chemicals from the air. Then he published the list of top eco-friendly indoor plants in 1996 year. Most recent similar results have been presented by Ronald Wood and Margaret Barchet, that worked in a real office in Sydney.

How to build an eco friendly house on a budget

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Researchers John Bergs, Comrade Feld and Virginia Lohr independently compared the air quality in the offices decorated with eco friendly indoor plants and without them. Their results show that workers productivity increases by 12% and health complaints decrease by 20% in the offices with eco friendly indoor plants.

Eco friendly indoor plants for healthy home decor

Green plants on bedroom walls

Here is the list of top eco-friendly house plants that are the most efficient in cleaning the air inside modern buildings:

1. Boston Fern, Nephrolepis Exaltata Bostoniensis
2. Dwarf Date Palm, Phoenix Roebelenii
3. Bamboo palm, Chamaedorea
4. Rubber Plant, Ficus Elastica Robusta,
5. Dragon Tree, Dracaena Marginata,
6. Corn Plant, Dracaene Deremensis,
7. Dracaena Janet Craig, Dracaena Fragrans
8. Weeping Fig, Ficus Benjamina,
9. Sedge, Cyperus,
10. Umbrella Plant, Petasites Vulgaris

These eco friendly indoor plants make beautiful natural home decorations and offer healthy Green accessories and simple cheap ideas for controlling the air quality in contemporary buildings and enhancing interior design with gorgeous green color shades and fresh feel.

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Ficus, green accessories for interior decorating in eco style

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