Home Staging Tips to Use Scents that Help Loose Weight

natural oil scents, rosemary branche and flowers
Essential oils for creating pleasant atmosphere and staging home interiors


Home staging with natural scents helps loose weight and create pleasant atmosphere in your home. Light scents of essential oils make home interiors feel fresh and inviting. People are very susceptible to odors on conscious and subconscious levels. Smells affect our health, mood and interpretation of the reality. Pleasant scents help form positive attitudes, improve communication and even lose weight.

Light scents help people relax and contribute to the developing of human emotions necessary to buy items also. Fresh air and natural light aroma make people fall in love with a property or a product, and buy it. Pure essential oils have been used in different ways since the ancient times. Essential oils and natural scents were used in religious services, during public events, for seduction and in medicine.

Today the range of essential oils use as broad as never before, and includes product presentation and sale and home staging. Essential oils add a light aroma to home decor, creating inviting and pleasant atmosphere and helping sell a property faster. Light home fragrances are great for home staging. Pleasant and fresh home aroma makes people to relax during a stressful time of selling a house or buying a new property, improves mood and can help loose weight.

Staging home interiors with essential oils to loose weight

Aromatherapy and loosing weight, staging home interiors with natural aroma

Science and technology for aromatherapy

Scented experiences became an important part of modern life. Digital scent technology aims to scent-enabled movies, games, music and animation to create totally captivating environment for the audience. The Scentient Beings project invents the science of scent delivery, focusing on smells and their impact on our health, mood and well being.

The project promotes wellness by offering the therapeutic approach to fashion design and introducing the dress, sensitive Smart Second Skin, which produces scents depending on emotional and medical conditions of a person. Scent science reaches out into a new dimension, proving that mood, emotion, experience and products appearance can be  enhanced with scents

Digital technology offers innovative science of aroma delivery
Smart Second Skin dress www.smartsecondskin.com

Home staging with essential oils

Preparing your home for sale, organizing and home staging, rearranging furniture and decor accessories, cleaning your home and making minor repairs improve your home air quality and create pleasant environment. Free of clutter home interiors that feels healthy and fresh make your property look more attractive, desirable and expensive. Also moving furniture, packing, cleaning, painting, decorating and home staging help loose weight.

Home staging and interior redesign to feel better

Staging home interiors, bathroom decor, acrylic tubs

Essential oils bring more pleasure into your life, improve metabolism, activate the body fluids, clean the body of toxins and improve your mood, scientists say. Natural home aroma and light essentials oils scents help relax during home staging for house sale and loose weight.

Essential oils for home staging and loosing weight

Even if you do not trust the power of fragrant aromatherapy oils, the scientists suggest to add essential oils to your everyday life and loosing weight regime. It is a pleasure to rub essential oil into the skin. It is enjoyable to take a bath with a few drops of essential oils in the water. It is wonderful to inhale wonderful aroma while relaxing or cleaning your home interiors.

Essential oils scents for relaxation and loosing weight

 3 essential oils blends for home staging to loose weight

Staging home interiors for quick sale

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Juniper and cypress oils are recommended for massage and bath. An aromatic blend of 13 drops of cypress oil, 12 drops of juniper oil and 50 ml of jojoba oil create an excellent mix for massage and home staging.

Essential oils blends for massage, relaxation and fragrant interior decorating
Essential oils blends and natural candle scents

4 drops of cypress oil and 6 drops of juniper oil make a perfect essential oils blend for  the bath. If you want to strengthen the effect, add 2-3 large handfuls of sea salt that you normally use to few drops of this essential oils blend. Salt dissolves and pulls the excess water from the body. (Note: juniper oil should be avoided during pregnancy.)

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Staging home interiors

Sweet orange oil is helpful for loosing weight also. Orange essential oil effectively removes toxins from the body and improves its metabolism. Apply aromatherapy oils by rubbing a drop into your skin or adding few drops to the bath. Use 6-10 drops of orange oil for every 10 grams of any massage oil blend or cream that you normally use, or add 3-5 drops of orange essential oil to your bath. (Note: orange oil can not be applied to the skin often exposed to the sun.)

Orange oils for aromatherapy, loosing weight, interior decorating and home staging

Pure essential oils do not just help lose weight, but contribute to the quality weight loss. The skin and muscles naturally get toned for the better look after weight loss.

Essential oils for creating pleasant atmosphere and staging home interiors

Aromatherapists recommend  mint, vanilla, green apple and cinnamon essential oils scents, which help reduce appetite and increase the slimming effect. This healthy weight loss technique helps people who suffer from psychological hunger.

When you want a cake, inhale essential oils scents. Those who can not stop overeating, can use this method right before the meal, inhaling essential oils scents 3-4 times.

Interior decorating and home staging tips

1. Strong odors are annoying.

Natural air freshener, do it yourself recipe

Home staging to sell your house fast

2. A drop of light essential oil creates a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere. Your guests and potential buyers will enjoy the fresh feel of a fragrant garden in your home.

Taking a bath with essential oils

3. Few drops of the essential oils blend that you use to improve your mood, to relax and lose weight, create pleasant atmosphere and make your house more attractive, adding a fragrant touch to home staging for selling your property faster.

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Natural scents for fresh interior decorating and home staging
Aromatherapy lamp for loosing weight and adding pleasant scents to interior decorating

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