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Natural odor remover and air freshener for green living


A commercial air freshener for your car or rooms and scented air deodorizers are not the best air freshener choices. Unlike a natural air freshener made with natural ingredients, commercial air fresheners can add harmful chemicals to the air people and pets breathe. Why should you spray chemicals with a room air freshener around the house? Room cleaning, decluttering, organizing, decorating, and home staging projects create attractive and healthy home interiors. It is much better to use homemade air fresheners made with plants and flowers and keep the air and household safe, clean, pleasant, and healthy.

An essential element of cleanliness that affects the entire home and people’s health is air quality. Baby wipes are an excellent last-minute solution to refresh the air in your rooms, whether you got people dropping in unexpectedly or home staging your house for showings. Grab a box of baby wipes and quickly wipe down the sinks, counters, handles, and few room decor accessories. Baby wipes are convenient air fresheners that give the home a good clean smell.

Baking soda is one of the eco-friendly products to use. This fantastic odor remover and inexpensive room air freshener is an excellent solution for eco-homes and Green living. Baking soda can make your carpets smell fresh overnight. Sprinkle baking soda all over your carpet before you go to bed and again in the morning, then vacuum to leave your carpet cleaner and fresher.

Homemade air freshener made of natural ingredients

Natural odor remover and air freshener for green living
Natural air freshener ingredient, black currant plants

Take two teaspoons each of fresh or dry plants’ leaves for preparing one of the best natural air fresheners for eco homes: strawberry, black currant, and mountain ash. Mix leaves to prepare eco-friendly, inexpensive, and effective natural air fresheners for your home interiors and cars.

Natural air fresheners for eco homes, mountain ash tree leaves
Poplar tree buds, room, car air freshener

Add one teaspoon of poplar buds to make the mixture for the healthy air freshener for your healthy and eco-friendly home. Made of leaves and buds, – the natural air freshener is a great odor remover that soothes and tones. Add two cups of boiling water to the air freshener mix, cover it until boiling. Leave in a well-insulated beverage bottle for 8 hours. Use a paper towel to filter the air freshener.

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Simple and effective room air freshener made of natural ingredients adds a fresh feel and pleasant home fragrance to your home interior or cars.

Fruits, plants, flowers used as homemade natural air fresheners

Using eco-friendly and natural air fresheners is a part of eco-friendly home decorating. Fresh air and pleasant scents created by nature enhance the beauty of your home interiors. Spray rooms and car interior with the homemade air freshener and enjoy a healthy environment, pleasant atmosphere, and fresh air.

Essential oils, plants, flowers, natural air fresheners
Flower petals and essential oils

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