Table Decoration with Flowers and Feathers in White and Turquoise Colors

summer party table setting in white and turquoise colors


Table decoration ideas that include small artificial flowers and large feathers decorations in white and turquoise colors look great with green leaves in glass vases, white tablecloth and pretty candle holders that create bright summer party table decor. The blend of relaxing blue and green colors adds cooling and calming attributes to summer party table decor, creating romantic and tender table centerpiece and adding attractive contrasts with white tablecloth, turquoise napkins and sparkling glass vases, filled with green plants and turquoise beads.

Table decoration in white and turquoise colors is associated with pleasant feelings, love and generosity. Shade of turquoise color is between blue and green colors that are calming and relaxing. White decorating brings freshness and light, creating bright and cool summer party table decor. White and light turquoise colors are favorite of poets and mystics, offering beautiful table decoration ideas for artistic people who is interested in almost everything, creative and altruistic.

Simple and elegant white and turquoise color combinations are perfect for table setting and centerpiece ideas that remind inviting turquoise water and warm sand, river stones or ocean beach pebbles that look white in bright sunny days. Small artificial flowers and large feathers in white and turquoise colors look great with green leaves in glass vases, turquoise beads, butterflies and pretty candle holders, decorated with silver and glass beads.

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Soft and tender white and turquoise color combination is associated with refreshing and energizing table decoration ideas, sophisticated and elegant centerpieces and tender table decorations. Representing fresh air and clean water, white and turquoise colors add feminine flavor to summer party table setting, bringing friendship, love and joy into our life.

Charming table centerpiece ideas that add small butterfly decorations, artificial flowers and feathers in white and turquoise colors to party table decoration are great for romantic dinner, holiday lunch or breakfast.

White and turquoise color tones are associated with summer party time and vacations, rest and pleasure. White and turquoise feathers decorations, glass table decor items, green leaves, white flowers and decorations made of small artificial flowers in white and turquoise colors, blended with white tableware, tablecloth, glass beads and pretty candle holders, create romantic and impressive table decor, bringing light and fresh table centerpiece ideas and the beautiful ocean inspired decorating theme that celebrate summer season.

Summer party table setting in white and turquoise color tones look airy and elegant. White and silver tableware, white tablecloth and glass vase with turquoise beads or fresh green leaves, combined with unique candle holders and small flowers decorations increase the effect, offering impressive and inexpensive table decoration ideas for a special occasion or a romantic dinner.

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White and turquoise color combination creates breezy feel and luxurious summer party table decor on a budget. Tender feathers, sparkling glass beads and silver table decorations, charming small flowers and fresh green leaves create inexpensive table centerpieces that add drama and bright colors to welcoming and beautiful summer party table decoration.

  by Ena Russ   

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