Deep Purple Christmas Colors, 25 Ways to Add Ultra Violet Accents to Your Holiday Decor

purple accents
Curtains holder decorations with purple Christmas balls and ribbons


UltraViolet is an exciting modern color, one of the color trends that influences home decorating for the winter holidays. The bluish-purple is so powerful that even a single item or a few small Christmas decorations can transform your home decor and turn Christmas into one of the most bright, stylish, and expressive holidays of the year. The bluish-purple color combinations with whites, silver, or golden decorations look extraordinary, vibrant, and rich. Ultra Violet mix well with beige, all pinks, turquoise, blue, and green colors. Shiny and subdued Christmas decorations create a beautiful blend and tone down the brightness of room decorating with the trendy purple hue.

UltraViolet is the perfect modern color for adding spice and creating strong contrasts. The deep purple color calls attention to decorative accessories, seasonal accents, and holiday decorations and can take you in so many directions while designing beautiful Christmas decor. Ultra Violet makes a statement in any space and adds a mysterious, adventurous, and royal feel to winter holiday decor. Whether you like to combine the deep purple color with white decorating or create rich and vibrant color schemes with turquoise or golden decorations, Ultra Violet is about elegance or unexpected boldness.

Purple Christmas decorating ideas, the Ultra Violet color trend

Single Christmas color, trends in decorating for winter holidays

Medieval Christmas decorating ideas

Ways to use bluish-purple Christmas decorations

When you are using Violet color tones, notice that these hues take center stage in home interiors and outdoor living spaces. Large and small rooms look exciting and unusual when color schemes include these bluish-purple tones. As modern Christmas decorating becomes sophisticated, Ultra Violet offers fascinating complexity and originality. Its nuances appeal to our desire for uniqueness in holiday decor.

Outdoor decorations for Christmas, wreaths with bluish-purple Christmas balls

1. Bluish-purple Christmas balls

Ultra Violet resonates with festive winter holidays and brings its multi-dimensional versatility into modern Christmas decor. Cool tones of the bluish-purple are perfect Christmas colors that increase the contrasts and add excitement to home decorating. UltraViolet is the hue that communicates luxury and beauty. Evergreens and deep purple colors are fantastic color combinations to personalize your winter holiday decor and explore your artistic soul. Check out these bluish-purple Christmas ideas, and you can find many original and beautiful ways to refresh your holiday decor this winter.

Pink and purple Christmas colors

Purple room decorating, color schemes

Modern interior design ideas, cool purple colors

2. Purple feathers

Purple Christmas tree decorations, feather wreaths, garlands, table accents, fireplace decorating for winter holidays

3. Artificial holiday trees in purple

Artificial Christmas tree in purple

4. Purple tinsels

Winter holiday contrasts, silver-purple tinsels

5. Purple organza for handmade Christmas decorations

Pinecone decorations painted purple

6. Alternative Christmas wreaths in purple

Alternative wall decorations in purple

7. Purple flowers for holiday decorations

Green wreath with purple flowers

8. Black and white with deep purple

Black and purple color combination, Christmas balls

9. Purple floral arrangements

Floral arrangements, decorative balls made with purple flowers

10. Purple accents for curtain holders

Curtains holder decorations with purple Christmas balls and ribbons

11. Purple fabrics

Purple curtain fabrics for original wall decoration

12. Ultra Violet gift wrapping paper

Purple wrapping paper for gifts

13. Purple and green Christmas colors

Fireplace decorating with evergreen garlands and wreath accentuated with purple Christmas balls

14. Purple ribbons

Adding purple details to gift boxes

15. Blue and purple Christmas lights

Blue or purple Christmas lights

16. Purple tablecloths and napkins

Deep purple colors for setting holiday tables, tablecloths, napkins in Ultra Violet

17. Purple tableware

Modern tableware in bluish-purple, pine cones centerpiece idea

18. Purple and bronze color combination

Purple glasses, the turquoise-gold-purple color scheme for table decoration

19. Upholstered furniture

Purple furniture upholstery fabrics

20. Wall art, decorative pillows in purple colors

Wall art in purple

21. Deep purple and blue Christmas colors

Blue and purple Christmas tree decorations

22. DIY miniature Christmas trees with purple ornaments


Tabletop Christmas trees with DIY holiday decorations in deep purple colors

23. Purple wall paint color

Purple wall paint, white Christmas tree, holiday candles

24. Decorative wall panels in purple

Decorative wall panels in bluish-purple

25. Ultra Violet matching colors

Ultra Violet accents, purple color combinations with turquoise, green, and golden decorations

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