Good Feng Shui Tips to Balance Home Numbers and Feng Shui for Wealth

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mosaic tiles house number sign
Colorful house number sign made with mosaic tiles, #8 Feng Shui home number



According to ancient Chinese Feng Shui, apartment or house numbers are essential factors in creating a pleasant and healthy atmosphere in the home and stimulating the positive energy flow in and around the house. The favorable atmosphere and balanced house design attract good luck and Feng Shui for wealth. However, “lucky numbers” play a role in good Feng Shui. Lushome brings good Feng Shui tips that blend a passion for numerology with the Feng Shui design ideas. Good Feng Shui tips include calculating your number and correcting it with Feng Shui cures.

Good Feng Shui can help you change the course of life and balance the environment with a correction of your home number. First, you need to determine the number of your place, apartment, or house. For example, 56 is 5+6=11, and then it turns that 1+1=2, which is the Feng Shui number. House number 56 and apartment number 12 turns into 5+6+1+2= 14, then 1+4=5. After calculating your number, look for the meaning of the number below and use good Feng Shui cures to correct it.

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Modern house signs, laser-cut metal designs

Feng Shui tips for home numbers

Original house sign created with colorful mosaic tiles

If for some reason, you do not like the interpretation of your number, you can use good Feng Shui cures, like plants, door paint colors, colorful stickers, a piece of gray or green fabrics, or handmade accents made with mosaic tiles for your door decoration to Feng Shui it for wealth.

How to Feng Shui for wealth, good Feng Shui colors

Original house number signs increasing curb appeal

How to Feng Shui home, front door decoration ideas

Good Feng Shui color combinations balance homes, while colorful door decoration ideas, gray or green fabrics neutralize the influence of numbers. Also, you can add a letter, A or B, that correspond to 1 or 2, and correct your home number to attract good luck, enhance the positive energy flow, and Feng Shui your home for wealth.

1. House of Sun

The house of Sun is a home for creative, radiant, cheerful dreamers and optimists. Artists, writers, actors, designers, journalists are happy with this Feng Shui number—all thoughts of dwellers in the House of Sun direct to the future. Number one is an ideal place for those who want to start a new stage in life, as well as for avid bachelors.

Sun symbols, house number signs, #1 Feng Shui home number
Potted flowers, original house number sign, #1 Feng Shui home number

2. House of Moon

The Moon house is a cozy residence for couples in love with big plans. However, number two is suitable for brave and energetic people, as stressful situations and tension regularly occur in these homes. To soothe the soul, use the Water Element of your home design. Good Feng Shui suggests turning on the water in the house more often or enhancing your home design with the sound of a tabletop water fountain.

Original house number sign, #2 Feng Shui home number
Water feature, tabletop fountain, Feng Shui cures for #2 Feng Shui home numbers

3. House of Mars

The House of the Mars is a temple of technology where the energy is boiling. Modern gadgets and the influence of the fighting spirit of the patron planet create excitement and quarrels. Three is the number of quick responses and heated arguments. Feng Shui number three often does not work for those who want to experience a quiet, peaceful life and take time to make decisions. Mars associates with red, and in Feng Shui, it brings good luck. Use scarlet red decor items or paint a wall in your favorite red color for good Feng Shui. Reds take the attention from disagreements and calm down the atmosphere.

Feng Shui cures for #3 Feng Shui home numbers, red front door paint color
Red paint color, Feng Shui cures for #3 Feng Shui home number

4. House of Mercury

There is an intense fear of the number four in Asian countries. Most Chinese, Japanese and Korean hotels and offices do not have a fourth floor associated with death. In Feng Shui, number four is suitable for a house where work, financial issues, responsibilities, and a career are the most important and put above all. The number four is perfect for an office.

Birdhouses, original house number sign, #4 Feng Shui home number
13 turns into #4 Feng Shui home number

5. House of Jupiter

The energy of Jupiter needs a lot of space. Spacious, clutter-free apartments and houses are ideal for carrying the number 5.  This number creates excellent places for gatherings and parties that unite people in unique ways. Also, this number is perfect for a home with an extensive library, an art collection, or a temple of science. Number 5 creates a residence for authoritarian personalities and leaders. Following the rules of good Feng Shui, you can enhance the influence of Jupiter with purple colors in your interior design and bronze accents in home decorating.

Original house number sign, #5 Feng Shui home number
Purple front door paint color, Feng Shui cures for #5 Feng Shui home number

6. House of Venus

The number 6 is the number for family nests, ideal for married couples with kids, where dwellers enjoy family gatherings, cooking, enjoying delicious meals. They have pets, houseplants and create beautiful interior decorating. Any quarrel ends with an early peaceful agreement. However, the number 6 can cause a quick gain of excess weight. Gray or green fabrics, colorful door decorations are perfect for good Feng Shui for a home with the number 6.

Colorful house number sign made with mosaic tiles, #6 Feng Shui home number
Feng Shui cures for #6 Feng Shui house number, green fabric, front door curtain

7. House of Saturn

Only introverts motivated to work on a 24/7 schedule can be happy dealing with the Saturn house’s energy. If you are single, the number 7 will work for you, but it is not great for family-oriented people or large families, as a small quarrel can turn into a disaster.

Colorful ceramic house number sign
Flower bed and house number sign, #7 Feng Shui home number

8. House of Uranus

Uranus is traditionally responsible for the money. The number 8 is the place where not only money but also memories live. It is an excellent place to meet old friends in the house of Uranus, where a unique aura is ideal for practicing meditation or astrology. Use more blue color in front door decoration and interior design. The luckiest number in Chinese Feng Shui is 8.

Colorful house number sign made with mosaic tiles, #8 Feng Shui home number
Good Feng Shui color, lucky house number, #8 Feng Shui home number

House of Neptune

A “black hole” with the number 9 sucks all the energy, both positive and negative. However, this number can compensate for everyday troubles by its symbolism. Nine symbolizes longevity and helps to cope with sickness. People living in these homes are successful in love. Nine brings calmness and self-sufficiency, regardless of financial situation, so the number is undesirable for people with ambitious plans.

Blue front door, #9 Feng Shui home number
Wall wreath and dark front door color, #9 Feng Shui home number

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