L Shape Kitchen Designs, 55 Space Saving Corner Kitchen Layouts

wood kitchen cabinets

Wood kitchen design, wooden dining furniture, L-shape layout

L-shaped kitchens are space-saving and attractive options for modern kitchen design. L-shape layouts make corner kitchens functional and comfortable. L-shaped kitchen interiors naturally divide the spaces into activity zones, make kitchen designs ergonomic and visually spacious. Here are the beautiful modern kitchens from the Lushome collection that show practical, space-saving, functional, and open L-shape layouts. These kitchen designs beautifully maximize the available spaces and turn corners into convenient and attractive architectural features.

The corner kitchen design includes kitchen cabinets and shelves placed along two adjacent walls. The corner is the center of the L-shaped kitchen design, which stretches along the walls while maximizing the valuable spaces. The working surfaces increase with a kitchen island, placed parallel or at an angle to the kitchen cabinets.

Modern kitchens with space-saving, ergonomic corner sinks

Modern kitchen designs with peninsulas

Brilliant redesign ideas for narrow, small kitchen interiors

Corner kitchen designs

Contemporary corner kitchen design with wood countertops

L-shaped layouts

Beautiful kitchen island designs in modern interiors

Contemporary L-shaped kitchen design

Pop-Art and classic kitchen designs

Modern kitchens featuring the L-shaped layout can have a bar counter, a dining area, contemporary built-in appliances enhancing the attractive, new design. The latest trends in modern kitchen design layouts allow exploring creative ideas highlighting L-shaped kitchens with two work surfaces that meet at 90 degrees.

White kitchen cabinets, corner layout, small kitchen ideas

Some L-shaped kitchens fit into a corner while stretching their surfaces to a peninsula. This type of L-shape is the most common kitchen layout, U-shaped, and galley kitchens, perfect for tiny homes and apartments. Check out modern kitchen designs to find fantastic inspiration for the home.

Corner kitchen, contemporary design

Pros and cons of corner kitchen designs

Since any layout has its positive and negative aspects of design, the corner kitchen also has limitations and advantages. A corner kitchen has a space-saving, ergonomic design that allows adding dining furniture and creating a compact interior. L-shaped kitchen designs are versatile and look beautiful in small spaces and large homes.

Small kitchen design featuring an L-shape layout, wood cabinets, open shelves

Corner kitchen designs

Two-color corner kitchen design with white-blue cabinets, tiled backsplash idea
Wood kitchen design, wooden dining furniture, L-shape layout

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