Kitchen Design with Peninsula, 20 Modern Kitchen Designs for Large and Small Spaces

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Your kitchen design and layout are important elements of remodeling project or building a new kitchen. Selecting a layout, adding a large or small kitchen island, console table on rollers or kitchen peninsula are critical steps that affect how comfortable your new kitchen design will feel.

Kitchen peninsula or kitchen island is a smart addition to your kitchen interior, if you have enough space for it. The majority of home owners enjoy having a kitchen island. Modern kitchen design with a middle size functional and attractive kitchen island is a good solution for spacious enough kitchen interiors.

Kitchen peninsula and kitchen island provide an additional space for storage and a convenient place to entertain and socialize with your family and friends. Kitchen peninsula or kitchen island offers a working surface without interfering with cooking and create ergonomic and modern kitchen design.

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Modern kitchen with peninsula

White kitchen cabinets, traditional kitchen with peninsula storage and marble top, elegant modern kitchen design for small spaces

However, designers and architects suggest to select peninsula designs for small kitchen remodeling or add a console table on rollers that makes a small kitchen design more comfortable, functional and contemporary.

The peninsula design features three free sides and is adjacent to the wall. Peninsulas work well for L-shaped kitchen interiors. Creating F-shaped and U-shaped kitchen designs are also contemporary ideas that add functionality and unique look to your modern kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen with peninsula, modern kitchen design ideas, white kitchen cabinets and dark wood furniture for dining room

Your kitchen peninsula can make a gorgeous decoration for your home. Mixing-and-matching materials and colors, creative lighting ideas and curvy edges turn modern kitchen designs into contemporary artworks. Asymmetrical kitchen design, when a peninsula is shorter or longer than kitchen cabinets on the opposite wall looks interesting and very contemporary also. The space can be used for an additional chair.

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Peninsula for L-shaped kitchen design

A peninsula in L-shaped kitchens solves many problems. A peninsula allows more space in front of a stove and attractively separate living room and kitchen interiors. Even a little peninsula helps make your small kitchen design more functional and contemporary.

Modern kitchen with peninsula, L-shaped kitchen design with wood kitchen cabinets and peninsula storage

As a kitchen island, a peninsula provides more working surfaces. Kitchen peninsula design can help to hide a small freezer or a wine cooler under the table top or add home bar shelves, creating fun atmosphere. Attractive peninsula designs are excellent for a quick breakfast or snack.

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Peninsula designs look beautiful in large kitchen interiors also, adding surfaces to entertain and socialize. Small kitchen peninsula design is an excellent solution for a long kitchen that is too narrow to accommodate a kitchen island. Even a little kitchen peninsula is worth the effort, offering a smart storage solution, adding a comfortable dining surface and improving the entire look of your small kitchen interior.

White kitchen cabinets and small kitchen peninsula design that creates contemporary dining area, modern kitchen design for small spaces

Peninsula for U-shaped kitchen design

U-shaped kitchen design with a peninsula create better protected space for a chef. U-shaped kitchen designs, especially with an additional peninsula beautifully separate dining room and kitchen interiors and are are great for large kitchen designs, providing functional, ergonomic and cozy area for a cook.

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