Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2012, Redesigning Kitchen Interiors

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Kitchen design trends and decorating ideas reflect the fact that modern kitchen interiors became multifunctional. People cook food, watch TV, use computer, study, eat and entertain guests in modern kitchens. Modern kitchen design and interior decorating are technologically advanced, beautiful, ergonomic, functional, space saving, light and comfortable.

Modern kitchen design materials include traditional wood, glass, plastic, ceramic, stone and metal. Kitchen designers and redesigning kitchen interiors specialists suggest to choose contemporary stone, glass and metal alloys, –¬† stylish kitchen decorating materials for work surfaces. Traditional kitchen designs and contemporary interior decorating ideas are blended in modern kitchen design trends that celebrate old world charm and new technology.

Fusion of styles and retro kitchen design ideas create exciting, unique and modern kitchens. (Modern kitchens, classic and pop art kitchen design) The combinations of traditional kitchen designs with eclectic or pop-art interior decorating ideas and colors demonstrate bright, impressive, very personal and modern kitchen design trends 2012.

12 modern design trends 2012

Contemporary free shaped sink for multifunctional modern kitchen interiors

1. Light and flexible kitchen design ideas, like open shelves and freestanding storage furniture, instead of traditional heavy and bulky kitchen cabinets are modern kitchen design trends 2012 that are excellent for redesigning small kitchens. Shelves and freestanding furniture items create more spacious modern kitchen interiors and allow to design and change functional zones.

2. Metal, wood and glass are modern kitchen design materials for shelves and shelving systems. Shelves are great for eco friendly, functional and modern kitchen interiors that look light and airy. Energy and water saving appliances, efficient lighting design and decluttering are great ideas for redesigning kitchen interiors in eco homes.

Redesign ideas for old kitchens, light island design on legs and open shelves
Modern kitchens, simple and stylish furniture design and natural colors

3. The integration of kitchen interiors with living rooms and dining  rooms is one of modern kitchen design trends that are getting popularity very fast. Modern kitchen interiors create one open space with living spaces that family enjoys.

Modern kitchen design trends and ideas
10 modern kitchen design trends

4. Free of clutter, well organized and airy kitchen design offers more comfortable furniture ideas, like rounded corners and touch-to-open kitchen cabinets doors. Rounded or geometric shapes and simplicity bring more elegance and style into modern kitchen interiors.

Brown, white and green colors, stylish lighting design for small spaces

5. Open low kitchen cabinets are one of modern kitchen design trends. Attractive, made of contemporary transparent materials, metal and glass, open kitchen cabinets demonstrate how quickly surprising kitchen design ideas, presented during Milan Exhibition Eurocucina, can become very popular.

6. Stylish and functional kitchen accessories, attractive pots and pans sets, utensils and high-tech small appliances create beautiful displays on open shelves. It requires good organization, decluttering, simple and elegant interior decorating ideas and the sense of style.

Modern kitchen cabinets in red wine color, kitchen island design with a shelf, luxurious chandelier, white and black wallpaper, modern kitchen design trends 2012

7. Effective and stylish lighting design with LED lights, pendant lamps, torchieres and modern chandeliers create impressive modern kitchen interiors that feel luxurious and charming. Torchieres and chandeliers are modern kitchens design trends that help make multifunctional kitchen interiors cozier, brighter and more comfortable.

Crystal chandelier, wooden kitchen cabinets and stainless steel appliances, modern kitchen design trends 2012

All surfaces, horizontal and vertical, decorative shelves and low kitchen cabinets, kitchen islands top and fridge can be decorated with lights that add contemporary chic flavor to modern kitchen interiors.

8. Open shelves can be mixed with traditional kitchen cabinets to hide items, that should not be seen, decluttering kitchen interiors and applying interior decorating ideas in minimalist style.

Contemporary kitchen design trends 2012, divided on zones kitchen island, black and white kitchen cabinets with shelves, computer station, efficient lighting ideas and high-tech appliances

9. Space saving ideas, small shelves, rails and hanging items for additional storage, small containers and baskets, knife holders and various organizers, allow to efficiently use valuable space on walls and inside cabinets for storage in small kitchens.

10. Ergonomic modern kitchen design suggests functional, user friendly, comfortable and healthy layouts. Main appliances, the fridge, stove and sink should be placed in a triangle within 3-6 meters ( 9-18 feet.) Good lighting and organic design provide additional comfort to chefs.

Contemporary kitchen design trends, rounded ergonomic modern kitchens, modern kitchen cabinets decorating ideas

11. Kitchen islands, divided on dining and working areas, or home bar and cooking zones are modern kitchen design trends. Light kitchen islands design ideas include beautifully designed legs and simple shelves for convenient storage.

12. White, gray, charcoal, chocolate and all natural wood tones are modern kitchen colors. (Modern kitchen cabinets, black-white-brown colors) Golden, orange, yellow, red, rich green, purple and blue colors are bright color trends for modern kitchens.

Modern kitchen design in traditional style from Italy, white kitchen cabinets, small kitchen island design with dining table

Modern kitchens color trends

Modern kitchens, 5 bright design trends
Royal blue kitchen design
Modern kitchen cabinets in purple colors
Modern kitchens color trends

Contemporary materials and stainless steel, purple and white colors, modern kitchen cabinets and unique island design

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