Top 10 Tile Design Trends, Modern Kitchen and Bathroom Tile Designs

golden colors for bathroom decorating, floral wall tiles


Modern kitchen and bathroom tiles are spectacular. Modern tile designs look like works of art, adding elegance and beauty to kitchen and bathroom interiors, bringing stylish textures, natural materials and rich colors into modern kitchen and bathroom decor.

Modern tiles that look like wood, bricks, natural stone, fabrics and wallpaper are stylish choices for kitchen and bathroom remodeling in 2012. Natural stone or brick tile designs are excellent for creating modern kitchen and bathroom decor in French or Italian style.

Modern tile designs that look like wood bring warmth and natural themes into kitchen and bathroom design in eco style. Eco friendly products, wood like kitchen and bathroom tiles, combined with other eco friendly decorating materials, wood furniture and accessories, look organic and attractive, offering functional and stylish floor and wall decorating ideas for modern kitchen and bathroom interiors.

Modern tile designs

Modern kitchen and bathroom tile designs, top trends in modern tiles

Top 10 modern tile design trends

1. Natural stone and brick

Natural stone and brick tile designs are available in various colors, sizes and shapes. Kitchen and bathroom tiles that create the look of a brick wall feel comfortable and look solid. (New and traditional brick wall tiles, modern kitchen and bathroom decorating ideas)

Natural stone, brick and wood like tile designs add beautiful textures to modern kitchen and bathroom interiors. (Onyx slate tiles for small bathroom designs)

2. Wood like tiles

Modern tiles that look like wood

Natural stone, brick and wood tile designs look pleasant, strong and solid, creating a sense of comfort and safety. Natural textures are easy to combine with other traditional or contemporary decorating materials and make kitchen and bathroom designs feel balanced, stylish and harmonious.

Modern tiles designs with natural stone and wood textures can be a great decorating idea for classic kitchen and bathroom designs or home interiors in country style. Brick and wood tile designs blend well with wooden furniture, wrought iron lighting and room decor accessories or colorful textiles and decorating fabrics.

Kitchen and bathroom designs look relaxing and welcoming, when walls are decorated with brick or wood floor and wall tiles, that enrich modern interior design with uneven textures and natural colors.

3. Animal skin imitation

Modern tile designs that imitate exotic animals skin are one of spectacular kitchen and bathroom design trends in 2012. Snake ad crocodile skin tile designs are perfect for creating modern kitchen and bathroom interiors with African flavor. The combination of floor or wall tiles that mimic animal skin with soft white and golden colors look very expensive and unusual.

4. Metal tiles and metallic look

Metal tiles in various colors, including black, silver and gold, can be attractively incorporated into modern kitchen and bathroom interiors in minimalist or high-tech style. Home decorating with platinum or gold wall tiles is one of the most exclusive and luxurious interior design trends 2012 that adds shine and chic of precious metals to kitchen and bathroom designs.

Metal tiles modern curve

Metal tiles are expensive, but incorporating just few wall tiles into kitchen or bathroom wall design or decorating a small part of the wall with golden mosaic tiles are affordable alternatives that bring luxury into modern kitchen and bathroom designs with elegant mosaic tiles.

5. Fabric and carpet like tile designs

Modern tiles that look like fabric, lace, wallpaper or carpeting, create fabulous interior design trends 2012 in kitchen and bathroom decor. Canvas like surface blends well with kitchen and bathroom accessories and furniture. Fabric like tile designs are versatile and suitable for almost any interior style.

6. Recycled glass tiles and organic design ideas

Transparent bathroom and kitchen tiles with organic objects, made of recycled glass

7. Crystals

Luxurious wall decoration with kitchen and bathroom tiles with crystals

Wall tiles with Swarovski crystals for modern kitchen and bathroom decorating

8. Mosaics and patchwork fabric tile designs

Mosaic tiles and modern tile designs in patchwork fabric style

Eco wall tile designs and glass mosaic tiles

9. Monochromatic colors

Modern bathroom tiles in monochromatic colors

10. Hand painted wall tiles

Hand painted wall tiles and simple ways to decorate old wall tiles

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