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ceramic tiles wall bathroom unique contemporary design
Creative ceramic tiles, contemporary bathroom tiles ideas


Tiles are great for modern bathroom decorating. They are available in all colors. Modern wall tile designs, patterns, sizes, and colors can make your bathroom look relaxing, inviting, surprising, and dynamic. Selecting light and large tile designs make bathrooms look spacious and bright. Dark bathroom tiles and many details create a cozy and personal space.

White bathroom tiles can feel monotonous. Dark colors make small bathrooms look smaller, so avoid black and dark tiles for your bathroom decorating or use dark wall tile designs only for a small area or on one wall. Black tile designs are mysterious, provocative, and modern. The strong contrast that black color creates with other colors is stylish.

Modern bathroom design, top 10 trends

Bathroom decorating in blue-brown

Bathroom decorating with beautiful bathtub and space-saving shower

Modern bathroom tiles

Italian company Bisazza, created a dark mosaic tiles collection for unique bathroom decorating. Luxurious navy blue and black wall tile designs are adorned with Swarovski crystals. Traditional ceramic tile designs with Swarovski crystals in dark colors are exceptional bathroom decorating ideas.

Black mosaic glass tiles, unique bathroom tiles with crystals and skeletons
Blue mosaic tiles with crystals, modern bathroom decorating ideas

Another Italian company Evit,, specializes in unusual mosaic glass tiles for bathroom walls. Their new collection, Passion, consists of beautiful mosaic glass tiles that create impressive artwork on bathroom walls. Colorful, playful, cheerful, and exciting mosaic wall tile designs from Evit are perfect for creative bathroom decorating ideas.

Colorful red-orange-white wall tile designs, modern bathroom decorating ideas
Stylish black mosaic glass tiles for bathroom walls

Designer from France Karen Ledolley-Smith, Kls Design, has developed exceptional ceramic tile designs, great for modern bathroom decorating in eco style. Beautiful green leaves on ceramic tiles are excellent natural bathroom decorating ideas.

Green leaves on tiles for bathroom decorating
Green leaves texture and colors, unique ceramic tile designs
Colorful leaves on ceramic tiles, beautiful texture, unique ceramic tile designs

Green leaves add fantastic texture and relaxing green colors to bathroom decor, creating a pleasant space to enjoy all year round.

Bathroom decorating tips

Eco wall tile designs for modern life and style

Luxurious bathroom decorating and home staging tips

Feng Shui bathroom decorating

When you decide to remodel your bathroom or sell your house, you want to create a modern and stylish bathroom interior, comfortable for you or attractive to potential buyers. Functional and beautiful bathroom decorating ideas make your house more pleasant, contemporary, and expensive.

Contemporary shower design, glass walls, waterfall shower head

1. Use any light or dark tile designs for your bathroom decorating. Dark wall tile designs look impressive on one wall or a small area.

2. To increase the height of the ceiling in a small bathroom, install darker ceramic tiles on the wall from the floor to 36″ or 90 cm from the floor. Lighter wall tiles, installed up to the ceiling, increase the size of the small bathroom space.

3. If you need to balance your bathroom dimensions and make the interior look square-shaped, you can narrow it down with dark wall tiles or shower tiles designs.

Contemporary shower art design

4. The long horizontal lines that bathroom wall tile designs create help make the interior look longer.

5. Horizontal lines of ceramic tiles are bright bathroom decorating ideas that emphasize a large window in the bathroom.

6. White shower tiles, glass shower doors, glass shelves, and light ceramic floor tiles are bathroom decorating ideas that are attractive, stylish, and spacious. Floor tiles are easy to care for but feel cold even in small bathrooms. Contemporary heated floor solves the problem and helps avoid another one, excessive moisture.

7. Glossy bathroom wall tiles, mirrors, and glass reflect more light into your bathroom, creating a more spacious and bright modern bathroom design.

Creative ceramic tile designs, bubbles on ceramic tiles for bathroom
Stylish geometric patterns on ceramic tiles for bathroom decor

8. Floor tile designs with anti-slip surfaces are safe for bathroom decorating.

9. Most people prefer decorative wall tile designs of ordinary square-shaped ceramic tiles. Handmade designer tiles, artful mosaic glass tiles, or contemporary stainless steel tiles are more expensive, and it takes some time to get them.

Unusual ceramic tiles, white tiles for bathroom walls
Modern bathroom tiles, creative bathroom storage

10. If you do not plan to sell your home soon and want to decorate your bathroom interior in a modern style, look for new wall tile designs available today. Selecting wall tiles for bathroom decorating is not easy. The good thing is companies offer numerous beautiful and affordable products in various shapes and colors, and you can find what you like to buy for your bathroom decorating.

Creative ceramic tiles, contemporary bathroom tiles ideas
Inspired by nature bathroom tiles, glass tiles for bathroom decorating in modern eco style

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