How to Feng Shui your Bedroom, Design and Decorating Ideas

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neutral color scheme for bedroom decorating

Light room colors, bedroom design by Cleo Scheulderman


Your bedroom is a place for rest, romance, and relaxation. You spend a lot of hours in this peaceful room, so maximize Feng Shui to fill up your bedroom with comfort and harmony. Decluttering and energy clearing help get rid of useless things and negative energy. Good Feng Shui is about increasing your bedroom’s chi and balancing life force energy.

How to Feng Shui bedroom decor with stylish stripes

Good Feng Shui for bedroom decorating

Bedroom colors, furniture, lighting design, useful Feng Shui tips

Good Feng Shui for bedroom designs

Modern bedroom design by Cleo Scheulderman

Avoid technology and clutter of any kind in your bedroom. Choose attractive functionality and peaceful bedroom colors. Use soft fabrics made of natural fibers and soft lighting. Make your bedroom design feel relaxing and comfortable.

How to Feng Shui your home interiors

Feng Shui tips for home office or study area in a corner

Good Feng Shui colors

1. Bedroom colors

Choose a soothing color scheme and include neutral natural hues. Off-white, yellow-cream, chocolate brown colors, soft orange, and peach tones are great for brightening up and romanticizing your bedroom design. Paint walls neutral colors and use pink, orange, yellow, and peach for beautiful accents. Orange and pink color shades are excellent for accent walls also. Earthy tones are what you want to Feng Shui your bedroom. Vibrant, warm color shades of pink, orange, and red are lovely to use in moderation. All pastels and soft bedroom colors are ideas for good Feng Shui.

The upholstered bed headboard, neutral colors, pastel blue accents, Montana mountain home, design by Denton House

2. Bedroom furniture placement

A well-placed bed is a quick way to harmonize your bedroom design. Find a command position for your bed. It means you can see the entry door when you are lying in bed, and the rest bedroom furniture placement depends on the location of your bed. Do not place your bed directly facing the door or directly underneath a beam or to a window. Proper bed placement ensures you feel secure and have a good sleep.

Blue colors, wooden walls, modern bedroom design by Gafa Architects

A bed with a headboard is a good Feng Shui idea. Headboards are emotional supports and not just decorative elements. Soft edges are preferable. Avoid bars, look for upholstered headboard ideas, and find the best design to make your bedroom look beautiful and inviting. Ideally, a bedroom with no sharp angles is the best design.

3. Bedroom decorating with pairs

Good Feng Shui for a bedroom calls for decorating with items in pairs. Two pillows, two similar nightstands two lamps, and a window seat for two. Good Feng Shui for a bedroom design promotes harmonious energy, loving, and romantic atmosphere.

Luxurious fabrics, symmetrical bedroom design, calming colors, vertical stripes, good Feng Shui

4. Sensual accessories

Good Feng Shui in bedroom nourishes the five senses. Essential oils and fresh air make a bedroom smelling great. Lavender, rose, and jasmine oils are excellent for a calming effect. Eucalyptus and cinnamon are good Feng Shui options also.

Pink, orange, and red colors in the bedroom

Soft textiles and decorating fabrics are the best for bedroom decorating. Satin, cotton, velvet, silk, and wool are perfect for bedding and accents. Bring accents in pairs. Open a window to hear a soothing sound of wind in tree branches, songs or birds, or night frogs.

5. Things to avoid in the bedroom

Get rid of screens to boost Feng Shui in your bedroom. Make your relaxing space completely free of technology. Do not place a mirror in front of your bed or paintings above the bed. Tapestry is a good Feng Shui option for wall decoration near your bed. Get rid of large boxes under your bed. Clutter creates unnecessary stress, while a clean, clear of clutter and negative energy bedroom space sets the stage for creativity and freedom.

Upholstered bed headboard idea; symmetrical, modern bedroom design, Montana mountain home, Denton House
Clutter-free bedroom design in light colors, elegant room design, home in Long Island
Light room colors, bedroom design by Cleo Scheulderman
Black and white bedroom decorating, bedroom design by Northworks
Modern bedroom design with blue and golden decorations, good Feng Shui ideas
Wood and white bedding, modern bedroom design ideas, Hoxton Hotel in Portland
Modern bedroom with wall lamps, Hotel August in Belgium
Miami suite, room design in warm neutral colors
Light and breezy bedroom design, modern barn house by Amber Interior Design
Good Feng Shui ideas, soft fabrics, seating area for two, modern bedroom design

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