50 Yard Landscaping and Summer Decorating Ideas to Turn Your Pool Area into MCM Paradise

minimalist style pool area yard landscaping
Mid century modern homes, minimalist-style yard landscaping



Mid-century Modern style is unique, functional, and beautiful. It offers fabulous yard landscaping and summer decor ideas for outdoor areas celebrating elegant geometry and comfort. MCM swimming pools are water features that have simplified geometric shapes, kidneys, and rectangles. The pool structures and surroundings create a minimalist look ideal for contemporary and mid-century homes.

The originality lies in the pool area ambiance set by MCM outdoor furniture, concrete, plants, and colorful accents. Here are yard landscaping and summer decorating ideas to ensure your outdoor swimming pool shows a beautiful Mid-century modern style.

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Mid-century modern pool areas

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MCM yard landscaping

Local plants are a fundamental part of yard landscaping in MCM style. Native plants bring life and add texture and color to backyard designs. Yucca, succulents, and cacti are perfect options for desert yard landscaping to line your concrete fence or sit near the pool edge.

Mid-century modern pool area design

Concrete slabs, pebbles, stone sand, and gravel are beautiful yard landscaping ideas to enhance MDM style. These materials can mix with geometric patches of grass and colored glass stones to add visual interest to yard landscaping.

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Mid-century modern homes feature distinct exterior designs, and these unique architectural details create a beautiful background for pool areas. Glass walls seamlessly blend home interiors and yard landscaping and make rooms a part of your backyard.

Glass wall designs, mid-century modern homes

You can harmonize the transition from inside to outside by using complementing hues in your interior color palette and outdoor decor. MCM colors and textures greatly influence how your backyard landscaping and summer decorating ideas are perceived.

Mid-century yard landscaping and summer decorating with orange colors

Summer decorating ideas

Outdoor furniture in MCM style and umbrellas create colorful accents and bring comfort. Bring out your lounge chairs and patio furniture to create a relaxing pool area in the retro-modern style. Several lounge chairs in vibrant colors provide a place to enjoy the pool and soak in the sun. A table with tulip chairs for an eating area is a great addition providing a spot that is always ready for snack times.

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Summer decorating is about brightness and simplicity, and retro colors are a fun way to add MCM-style accents to yard landscaping while complementing the color of your pool. Colorful dishes and fun cups for beverages bring more color. Red, blue, light green, yellow, and orange are perfect accent colors to provide that retro vibe to MCM backyard designs.

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Mid-century modern homes, minimalist-style yard landscaping

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