Mid Century Modern Kitchens, 50 Inspiring Design Ideas in the 50s and 60s Retro Styles

kitchen design decorating 50s 60s retro styles
Colorful kitchen design in yellow and blue, plastic furniture, space-saving layout, furniture in the 50s-60s retro styles



The kitchen design of the 50s and 60s continues to influence modern interiors. Fantastic design trends, set in the USA, made the post-war industry develop practical and compact kitchen appliances and beautiful furniture. Modern kitchen design in the middle of the past century became affordable and attractive. European and American designers worked with artists to create bright, unique, space-saving, and modern kitchen designs.

Today modern kitchens benefit from retro designs of the 50s and 60s. Mid-century furniture and lighting fixtures for kitchens and dining areas still look stylish and beautiful, offering gorgeous decorating ideas in the 50s and 60s retro styles that became classics. The Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen, the Panton chair by Werner Panton, the Tulip Table by Eero Saarinen, and other designs beautifully enhance modern kitchens.

The 50s and 60s kitchen designs reflected the times when women devoted all their time to family, home, cleaning, and cooking. The generation of housewives enjoyed futuristic designs inspired by space exploration, slowly started to bring new technology into homes, and decorated with neon lights that looked like flying saucers and spaceships. Stylish kitchen appliances, furniture, utensils, tableware show fabulous designs that make fantastic decorations for modern kitchen interiors today.

Mid-century modern interior trends and home decorating ideas

Bright home addition and modern accents, kitchen design with the mid-century vibe

Geometric patterns, screen blocks giving unique looks to mid-century modern homes

Retro-modern kitchens

Retro modern fridge in soft green

Today’s industrial style and modern loft designs are the refreshed reflections on the times when empty buildings of factories, warehouses, and workshops were turned into art studios by artisans and artists in New York. Bohemian living spaces revolutionized the functional and aesthetic concepts and created beautiful, efficient, unique kitchen designs in the mid-century modern style.

Mid-century modern home design, wood textures, neutral colors

Colorful retro fridges, modern kitchen design ideas

Vintage stoves for modern kitchens

1. Kitchen appliances

Red kitchen appliances in retro styles

Mid-century modern kitchen appliances include new dishwashers, toasters, blenders, and other small appliances that change the meal preparation process, provide new opportunities to experiment with foods. Inspired by fast-growing car design and manufacturing industries, mid-century modern homes show elements of car forms.

Retro styles of the 50s and 60s, kitchen design

2. Space-saving ideas and kitchen layouts

L-shaped layouts are typical for mid-century kitchen designs. Space-saving ideas and compact furnishings bring modular furniture and built-in kitchen appliances that give a contemporary look to mid-century modern kitchens.

Retro-modern metal bar stools, black-n-white kitchen design with stainless steel appliances, red accents
L-shape kitchen design in retro style, gray cabinets, glass blocks in retro style

3. Compact furniture design

Space-saving furniture is another great idea that maximizes available spaces.

L-shaped kitchen design in retro style, blue kitchen cabinets, round table
Colorful kitchen design in yellow and blue, plastic furniture, space-saving layout, furniture in the 50s-60s retro styles

4. Open kitchen-dining spaces

Breakfast nooks and dining areas improve the functionality of mid-century modern kitchen designs.

Open kitchen-dining areas, retro-modern kitchen design with white cabinets, wall shelves

5. Wood furniture and metals

Stainless steel and aluminum add metallic chic to mid-century modern kitchen interiors. Wood furniture keeps kitchen interiors warm and welcoming.

Retro-modern kitchen design, stainless steel, aluminum, industrial style

6. New materials

New plastic materials take center stage in mid-century kitchens and work well with aluminum and steel. Contemporary materials create stylish furnishings that are easy to clean, offer practical alternatives and cheap ideas for home decorating.

Metal and plastic, retro-modern kitchen design with white cabinets, red countertops

7. Kitchen colors

Rich room colors, like natural wood and chocolate, light brown color shades, ochre, milky whites, beautiful wine hues, and warm oranges are the beautiful interior colors in mid-century modern homes. In the mid-century modern style, kitchen designs mix vibrant hues with soft neutrals and accentuate the kitchen interiors with colorful neon lights.

Kitchen color inspiration, retro color combination, black-n-white with red, American Diner restaurant

8. Soft lines

Rounded lines and soft geometric shapes are perfect techniques for modern kitchens that celebrate retro styles. A table with mid-century modern chairs recreates the atmosphere of mid-century modern homes.

Modern kitchen furniture in retro styles, dining table with chairs
Curvy lines, green kitchen cabinets

9. Lighting fixtures

Wooden lighting ideas showing stylish geometric forms, artichoke-shaped lighting fixtures, industrial lighting fixtures, and designs inspired by the cosmic themes are ideal for decorating mid-century modern kitchens.

Retro modern lighting fixtures
Retro modern kitchen decor ideas, neon lights, wall decorations

10. Tableware and kitchen decor

Soft lines and mid-century modern prints, simplified geometry, or abstract patterns are perfect for kitchen decor. Mid-century modern tableware in vibrant colors, pastel hues, and earthy colors beautifully accentuates kitchen designs in retro styles.

Modern tableware and kitchenware in retro styles
Colorful kitchenware in retro styles

Inspiring retro kitchen designs

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