Bright Kitchen Addition and Modern Accents Create Elegant Spaces with Mid-century Vibe

kitchen with large window
Modern kitchen with garden views



Stylish pastels and sunny yellow color give a comfortable and elegant look to this renovated house in Holland Park. The mid-century modern home by celebrated architects Maxwell Fry and Jane Drew turns into a bright, contemporary, inviting place offering beautiful and warm home interiors. Red brick terraces and generous communal gardens keep a connection between old and new. Contemporary interior design, large windows, modern furniture and fashionable interior colors give a modern vibe to the attractive home interiors.

A rear extension, a lovely window seat, refurbishment and new landscaping refresh the place. Removing original partitions creates the functional, airy, open-plan living spaces. A new winding stair is finished in powder-coated steel and oak and add a unique accent to the modern interior design. The space-saving staircase design allows to create more living space, and the combination of wood and steel elegantly connect the mid-century modern ideas and contemporary trends.

Contemporary interiors with the mid-century modern vibe

Wood dining furniture, bright yellow kitchen cabinets

The rear extension at ground floor creates a new kitchen with a dining area. A window seat offers pleasant views of the surrounding garden. White oiled oak flooring adds brightness to the contemporary interior design. Bold and exciting yellow color highlights kitchen cabinets and fills the space with energy. Geometric bathroom tiles in yellow color keep people feel happy.

Contemporary addition refreshing the old house design

Glass addition, adding a modern vibe to the old house

Dove House addition and redesign ideas

Home furnishings include a selection of mid-century furniture. Deep green, pale blue, and light pink pastels create beautiful color accents. A green wall is an excellent choice for the office design, and a pink bench with a golden frame gives a soothing, tender look to the bedroom decorating. Neutral color schemes and colorful details are soothing and elegant. Beautiful house design project by Architecture for London, in collaboration with Liddicoat & Goldhill studio.

Window seat with storage spaces
Modern kitchen with garden views
Sliding door
Large windows, wood, glass, spacious interior design
Home office; furniture and walls in pastel green
Clutter-free bedroom decorating, wooden bed
Bathroom tiles in sunny yellow color
Spiral staircase design with a mid-century modern vibe
Geometric floor tiles in light pastels

Photography by Ben Sage,

  by Ena Russ   

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