Amazing Design Ideas for Colorful and Artistic Mailboxes

unusual postbox designs and recycled craft ideas


Unusual design ideas and the right combination of materials turn mailboxes into amazing front yard decorations which enhance beautiful landscaping and house exterior. Colorful and interesting mailbox design accounts for it look and originality of selected shapes and materials, especially recycled ones. Lushome presents a collection of spectacular mailboxes from California.

Most mailboxes are made from metal, wood and plastic. The unique design ideas, their styles and sizes vary depending on shapes and materials that were used for constructing these functional yard decorations. Bright colors or surprising design, as well as structural strength and quality are important factors that create truly amazing, artistic and beautiful mailboxes.

The mailbox materials should last as long as they can, and the colors should compliment front yard landscaping and house exterior design, while adding an interesting detail to outdoor home decorating. Plastic and galvanized steel, salvaged wood and paint can be used for creating unusual mailboxes in rural style.

Koo-Koo mailbox adding unique accent to outdoor home decorating

Unusual mailbox design ideas

Car mailbox in white and blue colors, creative design idea

Traditional shapes can be changed by adding unique elements made with recycled materials and decorated with bright paint colors. Original design ideas and bright color help reuse and recycle materials for spectacular mailboxes that will be used for years.

Galvanized metal mailboxes last long time. This material can withstand extreme weathers and are rustproof. Painted bright colors and decorated with surprising details, galvanized metal boxes make fantastic eco gifts and front yard decorations.

Firetruck mailbox design idea, bright yard decoration in vintage style

Salvaged wood, aluminum and plastic items are great for recycling and mailbox design also. Salvaged wood looks especially beautiful and elegant, creating versatile mailbox design, suitable for any house exterior and yard landscaping style.

30 unusual mail box design ideas for creative outdoor home decorating

Creative recycling ideas turning mailboxes into unique artworks and yard decorations

Copper is one of most luxurious and fascinating material for mailboxes. Copper add majestic shine to a new mailbox and turn the creation into blending with the greenery yard decoration with the time. Copper mailbox is an excellent alternative for contemporary and vintage style house exteriors.

Church building mailbox made with wood and painted white color

Plastic and salvaged wood are great choices for mailbox design, especially for unusual and surprising ideas. These two materials are widely available for recycling and can look beautiful also.

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