25 Ideas for Modern Interior Design and Decorating with Marsala Red Wine Color

red wine color schemes for modern interior design and home decorating

White bedding and Marsala color wall paint for modern bedroom decorating


Pantone color of the year is Marsala. This color hue is rich, warm, natural and pleasant. Marsala color is ideal for comfortable and cozy bedroom designs, and it can create very interesting color combinations for other room decorating. Lushome shares a collection of modern interior design and decorating ideas, Marsala color schemes and inspirations for creating beautiful home interiors with this modern color.

Color Marsala is perfect for natural interior decorating color schemes. The modern color is inspired by juicy pomegranates, rich, deep and soft pastels of plum juices, red wines and autumn leaves. Modern interior design and decorating with Marsala color schemes will remind fabulous sunsets and elegant roses, blending  natural beauty into comfortable home interiors.

Interior design and decorating experts around the world are delighted. This modern color is elegant and sophisticated. Modern home furnishings and wall design in this color look impressive, and go well with many other neutral colors, warm and cold room colors, bright hues and pastels, creating gorgeous interior decorating color combinations.

Modern interior decorating and purple paint color trends

Modern interior design and decorating with red wine color

Marsala hue, red wine color for modern interior design and decorating

Reddish wine color hues can create dramatic accents and add peaceful look to modern interior decorating. This modern color can transform interior design and bring coziness into room decorating. Marsala color combinations can include bright rooms colors, cold color tones, warm color shades, pastels and neutral colors, and look attractive and inviting.

1. Modern interior decorating color schemes with Marsala and turquoise blue colors feel classic and harmonious. Pale blue color hues, greenish blue and light pastels can be added to these modern interior decorating color schemes.

Modern color combinations for interior decorating with pastels

2. Green colors are the perfect match to the modern color of Marsala. Deep green colors and muted green color tones, brownish and natural green colors make wonderful compliments to Marsala color schemes.

Modern color schemes with red wine room colors

3. Marsala color looks fabulous with all white paint colors and home furnishings in white colors. From creamy shades, vanilla and pearl to pale gray color tones, these color combinations feel warm and stylish with Marsala color. Black and white decorating ideas, gray and pale beige can be mixed with the modern color for schemes that are contrasting, dynamic and harmonious.

Modern bedroom design with walls painted red wine color

4. The modern color as the main color of interior design can be used for creating rooms with strong personality. Red wine colors feel intimate and relaxing. Home furnishings in Marsala color can enhance the wonderful atmosphere in rooms decorated with light and dark brown colors or create bold accents to spice up interior design and decorating in light neutral colors.

Interior decorating, paint colors and home furnishings in vintage wine colors

Red wine kitchen colors and modern color combinations

Modern exterior painting colors, vintage wine exterior paint color

The red wine color is intense and attractive. It can energize and help relax. Adding pink and purple colors to the modern color schemes with Marsala hue bring romance into modern interior design. The modern interior decorating color schemes with this hue look especially comfortable and pleasant with natural and neutral colors, including light and dark brown colors of natural wood, blue color hues and all green colors.

Red wine wall paint color and wooden furniture
Bright red wine color combinations with yellow color shades, green colors, pink, red, creamy white and grayish purple color shades
Attic bedroom design with white walls, striped bedding set and striped floor rug in creamy white, gray and red wine colors
Marsala wall paint color, blue lamp shades and deep red living room sofa
Modern red wine room colors
Retro modern kitchen design with stove and hood in red wine color
Red wine wall paint color
Marsala color for bedroom decorating
Modern living room design with white window curtains, blue walls, striped carpet and sofa in red wine color
Muted red wine wall paint colors, green, beige and red accents
Storage cabinet in red wine color
Contemporary kitchen design with white cabinets and accents in red wine colors
Living room sofa in red wine color, turquoise blue wall paint
Blue and red wine living room colors
Red wine color accents for bedroom decorating in neutral and red colors

White bedding and Marsala color wall paint for modern bedroom decorating
Bedding in red wine color, attic bedroom design with white walls and ceiling
Red wine colors, wall paint and decorative pillows
White and turquoise blue colors of window curtains and ceiling combined with living room sofa in red wine color
Turquoise blue and red wine color scheme for living room design
Living room design with home furnishings in Marsala color
Red wine color combination with natural wallpaper designs

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