Cheap Ideas and Creative Designs, DIY Gift Ideas for Fathers Day

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handmade vase with pictures
DIY vases with white and red flowers, ideas for decorating with pictures



Cheap ideas can create exclusive and original gifts for your loved ones. Your dad will be pleased with the handmade gift which he can use every day. There are hundreds of ideas that help design unique presents and save money. The Lushome collection of creative ideas offer inspirations for making stylish and fun gifts for your father or grandfather on the Dad’s Day.

It is not easy to choose a Fathers Day gift, because men enjoy different things. A roadmap or the flag of his beloved country, a stylish case for a suitcase or a handmade notebook are perfect gift ideas for travel fans. A personalized T-shirt with his kids and grandchildren handprints are an excellent present. A bottle of his favorite wine or hand-painted glass is perfect also.

“I love my dad” gifts and beautiful flowers

The perfect present needs to reflect the lifestyle and express the recipient’s personality, but handmade cards and decor accessories, like a family tree, a decorative pillow or a homemade picture frame, are universally appreciated gift ideas.

Original chocolate gift ideas for men

Watermelon punch bowl, fun summer party table decoration

Chocolate and humor, mustache designs for fun pictures on Fathers Day

Perfect gifts for coffee fans

A hand-painted mug or a pillow with a tie showing the superhero inside of every man is beautiful DIY gift ideas. It is unlikely that any man refuses to relax in his favorite chair with a favorite drink. A beautiful pad made with recycled bottle corks and a wall rack for mugs are great gifts for Father’s Day.

Hand-painted glass set

A wooden stand for charging his cell or just kids drawings in handmade frames are cheap ideas that make unique and expensive gifts for dads. It is easy to buy a gift for Father’s Day, but think how to surprise and delight your dad or grandfather with recycled crafts and handmade presents which are eco-friendly and original.

Recycling wood palette for DIY wine bottle rack
Paper crafts, creative gift box decoration, tie and flower
Cork cell holder
Creative recycling, decorative pillows made with men shirts
DIY vases with white and red flowers, ideas for decorating with pictures, credit diycandy

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