25 Hidden Design Ideas Bringing New Technologies and Space Saving Solutions into Interior Design

creative hidden designs for space saving modern interior decorating

Hidden bathroom design


Hidden designs and space saving ideas allow to create compact, but modern interiors with integrated TVs and storage shelves. Small areas hidden by creative designs stretch living spaces while adding elegance to modern interiors and offices. Lushome collection of hidden designs shows how they change contemporary interiors.

Compact, space-saving ideas and hidden design solutions are perfect for decorating small apartments and homes. The hidden solutions allow creating clutter-free, attractive, and multifunctional interior design in modern offices also. Everything, from TVs and toasters to shelves and bathroom features get integrated into room furniture or architectural elements.

Here are some great examples of bringing new technology into compact and modern interior design. Pop up mechanisms, TV lifts and hidden shelves or appliances become the integrated parts of modern interior design within existing furniture, walls, or floor.

Contemporary kitchen design with folding front panels

30 glowing lighting design ideas with hidden lights

Hidden design ideas

Art sliders hiding TVs on walls

The space saving ideas provide comfort and improve the safety of modern interior design while offering smart designs for decorating small apartments, homes, and offices. Valuable small spaces in modern homes stretch with adding hidden designs to accommodate more items in small rooms practically and attractively.

Sliding panels to hide TV

Hiding designs allow creating spacious, clean and light interior design. By making home furnishings not visible, designers make even tiny areas functional and comfortable. Hiding is a way to enjoy airy and elegantly simple interior design which is multifunctional, space saving, and contemporary.

21 modern interior design ideas for displaying and hiding flat TVs

Hidden bed design for small spaces

Modern kitchen island design with hidden fridge

Modern kitchen design hidden behind folding panels

Smart kitchen small spaces

Kitchen storage

Two-level living room design

FOld down bed

Space saving ideas for transformer furniture

Bed and shelving unit design

Transformer furniture for small office

Folding table mounted on the wall

TV lifts

Pull out shelving units

Hidden doors

Hidden kitchen storage

Wall and door, bathroom design

Modern wall design with built-in storage, bathroom sink

Compact bathroom toilet design

Door with wall shelves

Hidden ceiling lighting

Built into the ceiling projector

Hidden audio system

Built in lighting

Hidden sound system

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  last updated: 02.09.2017


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