30 Country Kitchens Blending Traditions and Modern Ideas, 280 Modern Kitchen Designs

country kitchen design trends and decorating ideas

Country kitchens are one of beautiful alternatives for modern kitchen design. Country kitchen designs are about natural materials, harmonious atmosphere and quiet country home lifestyle. Lushome shares a wonderful collection of spectacular country kitchens and offers modern kitchen design ideas that help to achieve these kitchen look and embody peaceful and pleasant country home life.

These spectacular country kitchens blend traditions with creative, fresh and modern ideas to achieve stylish and impressive, but warm and welcoming look. Rustic wood kitchen designs with gorgeous wood elements, old stone walls, brick ovens, wooden ceiling beams create fabulous combinations with contemporary kitchen design elements and modern details. Aged and new are mixed for amazing, unique and modern country kitchen designs.

Country kitchens are cozy, functional and comfortable. Country kitchen designs feature open shelves, wooden floors, brick walls and stone fireplaces. Country kitchen design and decorating call for natural materials and handmade decorations or simple crafts. Salvaged wood and metal, vintage stone and bricks are great for creating the charm of country kitchen design style.

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Modern ideas for country kitchens

Stone wall with arched doorway, wooden cabinets and dining furniture, country kitchen design in vintage style

1. Rustic wood architectural elements, dark wood ceiling beams, pillars, wooden floors and aged wood kitchen cabinets create an amazing look of country kitchens that reflect the natural beauty and simplicity of country home style.

2. Rich brown colors of natural wood and deep red kitchen colors feel very warm, safe and pleasant. Dark wood and red kitchen colors radiate warmth and create intimate, familiar and softly glowing, majestic and timelessly attractive atmosphere.

Dark wood furniture and wall fireplace, modern country kitchen design trends

3. Rustic wood and wrought iron details look fabulous with vintage bricks and natural stones. A stone fireplace hearth wall design bring drama into country kitchen designs, introducing gorgeous textures. Stone floor tiles are great for modern country kitchens. Stone floor decor and a simple area rug made with natural-like fibers add a nice touch to country kitchen designs.

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4. The stone walls, floors and countertops mix perfectly with wooden beams and rustic wood kitchen cabinets. Brass, wrought iron and ceramics add textures and create even more impressive combinations of country kitchen design materials. White decorating ideas can bring more light and brighten up country kitchens in dark colors.

Colored glass chandelier, wood kitchen cabinets and dark wood ceiling beams

5. Wood can be dark, light, neutral and painted. Paint colors for country home decorating include brown color shades, deep blue and green colors, bluish pastels, gray color tones and barn red colors.

New and traditional wall tiles for modern kitchen design

6. Time worn, aged and chipped look is a beautiful element of country kitchens. Rustic wood kitchen design can be personalized with country paint colors and country home decor accessories. Modern ideas for country kitchens suggest to bring ornate, carved mirrors, crystal chandeliers and carved stone figurines, and blend them with colored glass lighting fixtures and traditional ceramic kitchen accessories.

Country kitchen island design with retro stove and wooden hood


7. A fireplace bring unique vintage style into country kitchens. A wood oven for baking pizza, a stone wood burning fireplace and modern kitchen appliances in retro style are chic elements of country kitchen design. A stove in one of retro styles add charm to country kitchens also.

Retro kitchen ideas, stoves in retro styles

8. Adding a hanging pot rack with simple hooks create the informal and welcoming atmosphere of country kitchens. Recycling a garden ladder or using a wrought iron pot rack with copper pots and bronze details are wonderful, attractive, timelessly elegant and modern ideas for country kitchen design and decorating.

Stone fireplace hearth and candles chandelier, modern ideas for country kitchens

9. Recycled crafts and diy projects that reuse and recycle items for kitchen decorations allow to personalize country kitchen design and add originality to modern interiors.

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10. Dried flower arrangements and edible herbs add aroma of a country kitchen and help achieve the nostalgic feel that make country kitchens so attractive and desirable. Adding nature-inspired decorations or using food, fruits and vegetables for table centerpieces and shelves decoration enhance the country kitchen vibe and create cozy, welcoming and warm modern kitchen design in country style.

Country kitchen design ideas and decorating with rustic wood and metal chandelier

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