25 Easy Ways to Use Paddle Decorations, Sports Inspired Interior Design and Nautical Decor

paddles in interior decorating


Paddles make attractive home decorations that bring the sports themes and creativity into interior design. Paddles are versatile; they make surprising and colorful accents for interiors and yards. They can be grouped to make a unique bed headboard or wall decor. A paddle can be repurposed for an original curtain rod, wall rack and staircase railing. Paddles look attractive in every room decorated with the sport or nautical theme and make fabulous accents for coastal cottage decorating. Lushome collected various stylish ideas that reuse and recycle paddles for home decor.

Interior decorating solutions that include recycling and repurposing paddles offer fun ideas to spend fun time with children. It is not always easy to find activities to keep kids occupied, but decorating with sports themes and unusual objects is a great way to spend quality time with children and teach them to recycle and upcycle. Here are elegant and smart ideas for decorating with paddles inside and outside the home. While not every idea is suitable for a young child, older boys and girls will love to experiment creatively with paddle decorations.

Nautical decor ideas for furniture and walls

A paddle looks fantastic in a kids room. Paddles can decorate empty walls or create art installations in empty corners. These objects are perfect for fireplace and staircase designs. They can be painted bright colors or show off natural wood texture and colors. A paddle, leaning against a wall or hanging on a wall makes an eye-catching decoration that adds a detail which nobody will miss.

Recycling ideas bringing sports themes into interior design and decorating

Tips for selecting decor ideas for kids rooms

Using a paint for bright decoration patterns, drawing, making hand prints, adding colorful patterns, and writing meaningful words are just a few ways of personalizing a paddle for home decorating. There are a great variety of ideas to enjoy the original shapes, texture, and colors of wooden paddles. Gluing, adding wallpaper and holiday decorations to a paddle turns it into a spectacular centerpiece for special events. Building installations out of recycling materials, using pebbles, driftwood pieces, and sea shells are excellent design ideas for nautical decor.

Staircase decorating with painted white and red paddle

The great thing about old wooden paddles, beach rocks, driftwood, and sea shells is that these are all inexpensive materials. Working with them is a pleasure. It connects people with nature, teaches kids to pay attention to the surroundings and see the beauty in ordinary things.

Wall decorating with prints and paddles
Bedroom decorating with wooden paddles
Paddle wall rack with painted stripes
Painted paddles, wall decorations
Recycling wooden paddles for room decorating
Porthole mirror and paddle for bathroom decorating
Bedroom door decoration with a wooden paddle

  by Ena Russ   

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