Modern Kitchen Design Trends Blending Novelty and Flexibility for Good Feng Shui

red color and textures for modern kitchen design


Kitchen design trends 2016 bring creative combinations of materials, shapes, and colors, and blend them with unexpected, original, and fresh ideas. Modern kitchens turn into multifunctional, bright, comfortable and unique home interiors. Natural materials, the originality, accentuated by a good Feng Shui color, create harmony and Feng Shui a home for wealth. 2004, 2016, 2028 are the years of the Monkey. It is a good time for taking risks and become rebellious, looking for novel interior design and decorating ideas. Finding innovative ways to balance, harmonize and beautify your kitchen design in 2016 brings new ideas, attract luck and positive changes in your life.

2016 is the time of action, renovating, and kitchen redesign. Smart decisions, practical, and exciting solutions can add flexibility to kitchen designs, conjure an ambiance of comfort and improve lifestyle. Modern kitchen colors, original decorating color schemes, and unusual combinations of textures are current kitchen trends which reflect the Monkey nature, creative, unpredictable, and brave.

Go ahead with your dream ideas for modern kitchen design and decorating. Add surprising accents to your kitchen interior, stretching out for Avant Garde and Art Deco styles. Fresh and innovative ideas are the best Feng Shui cures for your kitchen in the years of Monkey. Embrace the inventive style, and do not look back while a creating truly unique, personalized and comfortable kitchen. 2016 design trends reward the effort to achieve unusual results and Feng Shui. Comfort, flexibility, natural materials, and a touch of red color are fabulous Feng Shui cures for your kitchen.

Lucky interior design ideas and Feng Shui tips for the Monkey year

Feng Shui color combinations for interior decorating

Novelty in kitchen design

Original combination of vintage furniture, classic chandelier, stainless steelĀ  kitchen island, and cabinets in industrial style

1. Flexibility of modern kitchen interiors

Flexible interior design and kitchen decorating ideas brighten up your home and Feng Shui for wealth in 2016. The nimble monkey is playful and youthful in nature, and you can create a beautiful kitchen playing with accents and keeping your kitchen decorating comfortable and functional. Easy to change kitchen decor is the key element of good Feng Shui in the years of Monkey.

2. Kitchen colors

Colorful wall decoration, contemporary kitchen

Natural interior colors with energetic, gorgeous accents in golden and reds create bright, fresh and modern kitchen design bringing luck into your life in the year of the Monkey. Red accents are versatile, timelessly modern, powerful and beautiful, an ideal Feng Shui color choice for kitchens regardless of the year. Green colors, modern blue color tones, brown colors, and orange or pink accents are excellent alternatives to neutral color schemes.

Red kitchen cabinets and unique lighting fixture decorated with colorful birds

3. Original design ideas

Monkeys are problem solvers, so they like people who find creative solutions. Original and unusual kitchen design ideas, unexpected and exciting combinations of textures, furniture and kitchen lighting styles, shapes and patterns and harmonious, natural color schemes work well for beautiful kitchen design in 2016. The Monkey year gives people a gift of being creative. Finding unconventional solutions to old and new kitchen designs brings fresh ideas into homes and Feng Shui them for wealth.

Creative wall clock, black and white kitchen

Being patient and respectful for materials and colors are good habits in the year of the Monkey, who can show temper and a tendency to look down upon others. Anything can happen, but continue experimenting. Your enthusiasm, creativity, and innovative design solutions will add fabulous details to your unique and modern kitchen design and decor, bringing beauty and harmony into your home.

Unique kitchen accessories in red color
Beautiful combination of vintage furniture, candle chandelier, classic kitchen design
Unique kitchen decorating with bright colors and red flooring
Small kitchen with black table, red chairs, and orange lamp
Original kitchen wall design
Creative post decorating with natural rope
Textured wall design, modern 3d tiles
Salvaged wood wall design, retro-modern kitchen
Contemporary plastic, industrial stainless steel, and rustic wood kitchen island

  by Ena Russ   

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