Feng Shui Home Design with Roof Color

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Bright roofing materials for colorful architectural designs



Colorful roofs made with cedar or asphalt roof shingles, roll roofing materials, or corrugated metal enhance the beauty of modern houses and Feng Shui them with color. Roofs and ceiling designs are essential architectural elements of buildings. Various roof colors, from bright terracotta roof tiles, brown or purple roofing shingles, and metal roofing in bright colors to elegant black, gray, and green roofing materials, are available to create unique and beautiful roofs, whether for renovation or home staging houses for sale.

Modern architectural designs look gorgeous with colorful roofs. Manufacturers offer a vast selection of high-quality roofing materials and a rich color palette for bright house exterior design. Feng Shui home design guide recommends using colorful external elements. Also, good Feng Shui colors create harmony and balance while beautifying roof designs.

Feng Shui home design with roof style

Eco-friendly, green roof design, sustainable architecture

Sustainable architectural design for a serene urban lifestyle

How to Feng Shui a house roof with color

Colorful roof design, orange, red and green colors

Monochromatic house exterior and roof colors or a combination of a few good Feng Shui colors can be used to Feng Shui house roof designs and emphasize unique house exterior elements, creating harmony with beautiful natural landscape or surroundings. Feng Shui for home design provides recommendations for house exterior design and decorating with good Feng Shui colors, representing Feng Shui elements for house exteriors, roof designs, and home interiors.

Green roof colors

The representation of the Earth element is green roof designs and wooden roof structures. Yellowish and brown colors, sand, peach, dark reddish-brown roof shingles, slate, and metal roofing materials support and compliment the green home exterior design, adding beautiful roofs to house architecture.

Beautiful large house design with roofing in green color

Green colors are favorable among good Feng Shui colors recommended for roof design. Green roofs attract good luck, health, and Feng Shui a home for wealth. The Wood element of the house front porch, facade or roof design symbolizes vitality and comfort. Chinese Feng Shui experts say the green colors of roofing materials and roof designs bring the wisdom for handling problems and finding the right solutions.

Large house with roofs in green color

Brown roof shingles and roofing materials

Roof shingles and metal roofing materials are available in many attractive, pleasant, and comfortable shades of brown colors. Light brown and brownish orange, dark brown colors and terracotta roof tiles, slate roof shingles in dark chocolate brown colors, golden and sand steel roofing colors, or roofing materials in classy gray color are lovely for roof design. These good Feng Shui colors create attractive roofs and Feng Shui house exterior, protecting a home and people.

Unique roof designs, contemporary house exterior, roofs
Bright roofing materials for colorful architectural designs
Green and red roofs
Colorful roofs

Red roof design

Red roofing colors represent the Fire element in Feng Shui design. Bright red is a tricky Feng Shui color, but deep red shades are great for powerful and striking house exterior and roof designs.

Houses with colorful roofs

Autumn red roofing shingles, bright terracotta tiles, or metal roofing materials in bright red, bronze, brownish-red, purplish-red, or dark red colors add drama, power, and authority to house exterior and roof designs. Chinese Feng Shui for house design suggests using these colors in moderation.

Blue and black roof shingles and roofing materials

Blue and black roof colors represent the Water element associated with blues. Blue and black house exteriors create a constant flow of positive energy around homes. Small ponds, lakes, and water fountains increase the effect, Feng Shui a home for wealth and attract luck. Also, water features and blue roof colors protect places.

Black and white room decor

Turquoise color to Feng Shui a home

Feng Shui tips for bathroom design and decorating

Dark gray color shades and black colors are good Feng Shui colors for house design, whether black roof shingles, black slate roofing, or black metal roofing materials.

Modern roof designs, blue roof colors to Feng Shui a house exterior

Colorful roof designs

Decorating roof with color and pattern, black, red, green roof colors, unique roof design in France

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