Charming Summer House, Retreat with Gorgeous Views

lakefront small house summer cabin
Lakefront summer cottage with spectacular view


Summer houses and cottages can become our retreats, sanctuaries, places to unwind and regenerate ourselves. A garden house or a small summer cabin can transform into a charming cottage with inexpensive and personalized home decorating ideas that express your taste and lifestyle. Cottage decorating ideas that bring the outdoors into summer house interiors create simple, elegant, and pleasant living spaces to enjoy nature in comfort.

Garden house or small cottage decorating ideas come with simple, comfortable furniture, vibrant fabrics, summer-inspired, bright room colors that connect your home interiors with the surroundings. Summer decorating that takes images from your garden creates gorgeous retreats with spectacular views and a tranquil atmosphere.

Home decorating ideas and furnishings, usually reserved for interiors, are perfect for furnishing a small cabin, summer house, or cottage in your garden. A beautiful summer cabin with a patio or wooden decks creates wonderful retreats to escape hot weather and enjoy birds’ songs or the sound of a waterfall in summer.

Modern cottage decorating ideas with bright colors and exciting accents

Small garden house design and interior decorating ideas for outdoor living in style

Cottage design trends, multifunctional and eco-friendly interior decorating ideas

Lakefront cottage in Sweden

Lakefront summer cottage with a spectacular view

A small summer house or a cabin can give a new life to your old garden shed. Adults and kids enjoy small and cozy cottages. These structures are great for rest, work, or entertaining with friends and sleepovers.

Tiny houses making perfect summer retreats, small cottage design ideas

Garage renovation project adding Green Pavilion to natural garden design

Sphere garden houses adding contemporary style to backyard landscaping

A small summer house in your garden is an excellent way to bring the outdoors inside and the indoors outside in a fresh new way. With contemporary or vintage furniture and home decorating ideas that include light and natural fabrics, your garden shed can transform into a lovely home surrounded by trees and bright flowerbeds or wildflowers.

Colorful cottage decorating ideas

Summer home decorating ideas, fresh green colors

Spectacular surroundings will give your existing garden house a unique look and signature style. Light and comfortable home decorating ideas will create a beautiful summer retreat, a small cottage, a home office, an art studio, or a playroom for kids.

Dining room decorating with yellow color, tablecloth, wall paint

You can fill your summer house with vintage furniture and fabulous secondhand finds, adding a relaxing atmosphere to interior decorating. With inspiring home furnishings and new finishes, modern fabrics, and original designs, you can create a stylish and welcoming summer retreat with chic interior decorating.

Yellow and orange colors, bedding set, floral window curtain
Colorful ceiling and wood furniture painting ideas, flower designs
Antiques and potted flowers, cottage decorating ideas

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