Small Garden House Design and Interior Decorating Ideas for Outdoor Living in Style

Small garden house turned into kids playhouse and vacation home


Outdoor living with a summer house feels luxurious, exciting and eco friendly. A summer house allows you to enjoy the outdoors in style, and can also double as a functional space such as an art studio, a guest room or a small home office. Small summer houses and garden sheds can be beautifully decorated in various styles creating perfect garden rooms and retreats that add value to your home.

Ordinary garden sheds or small summer houses can be transformed into fabulous structures and inviting summer rooms that add functionality, charm and elegance to your garden designs and make backyard landscaping more interesting and functional.

Creative interior design and decorating ideas can turn small summer houses, garages and simple garden sheds into peaceful, organized, cozy and inviting living spaces for work and rest in summer. A garden house or a summer room extends your living spaces and increases your home, blending gorgeous look and functionality with personalized decorating ideas, and adding unique touches to your backyard landscaping or garden design.

Small summer house for kids

Small garden house turned into kids playhouse and vacation home

Instead of a storage space for garden tools you can create a beautiful mini bungalow with a bed and a small shower for taking a break in summer and enjoying your outdoors in style. Simple beds for kids or camping coats, wooden boxes for toys and a simple table with chairs for art and craft projects create wonderful summer house for kids or unpretentious guests.

A small summer house can be very cozy, comfortable, bright and beautiful. Inexpensive and creative home decorating ideas, vivid room colors and space saving, functional and simple interior design create a great summer room in your garden.

Garage renovation project adding green pavilion to natural garden design

Sphere garden houses adding contemporary touch to backyard landscaping

Fabulous kids tree house design beautifully integrated into backyard landscaping

Colorful interior decorating ideas for small summer house

Light blue paint and simple home furnishings for interior decorating and creating beautiful and comfortable small summer house design

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