Sphere Garden Houses Adding Contemporary Touch to Backyard Landscaping

small summer room design

Miniature summer house adding contemporary flair to garden design

Sphere-shaped miniature garden houses bring contemporary style into backyard landscaping and garden designs. The Sphere Garden Lounger is an attractive and unusual garden house that adds a unique accent to backyard ideas and brings life into creating an inviting and comfortable outdoor seating area. With the advances in contemporary technology, this new concept of summer house design features modest advantages over anything seen before.

The Sphere summer house has an intuitive rotating platform that tracks the sun or shade and wind. It rotates to protect you from the wind or sun heat. The Rotating Sphere summer house offers more than just a sun-seeking seating area, though, and this can provide a dining place or serve as a small home office.

The table and seats add to the functionality of the interior design. The table height is adjustable and can lower to the same height as the seats. The use of aluminum, stainless steel, and pressure-treated pine laminate makes this summer house look beautiful and feel pleasant.

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Sphere garden houses

Sphere-shaped small garden house design offering a beautiful outdoor retreat in contemporary style

The combination of attractive artificial and natural materials, the sphere shape, and simple but elegant design style turn these summer houses into gorgeous backyard and garden decorations. Interior design is customizable. A canopy set to clip over the Sphere to enclose the entrance is a great additional option also.

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The highlight of the Sphere Lounger must be its rotating capabilities. Mounted on roller bearings structure has a circular diameter of approximately 2.4 meters and a height of around 2.2 meters. The miniature summer house offers an outstanding possibility to own an outdoor living space that you can move around the yard.

Summer room adding unique structure to backyard landscaping

Garden rooms, studios, retreats, and garden offices provide fabulous living spaces that connect you with nature and enjoy beautiful garden views and picturesque landscapes. The sphere-shaped garden houses demonstrate the latest trends in contemporary, luxurious bespoke outdoor living spaces, which stretch your home interiors to outdoors while adding style and functionality to your backyard landscaping ideas.

Miniature summer house adding contemporary flair to garden design

Classic and contemporary garden rooms, studios, retreats, and garden offices create excellent additions to modern homes and add fabulous structures to garden designs and backyard landscaping. Whether you are looking for a garden studio or home office to create, unique and beautiful small summer house designs increase the size of your outdoor living spaces in style.

Rotating summer room design

  by Ena Russ   

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