Feng Shui Home for Wealth, Step 7, Feng Shui Colors and Ancient Chinese Symbols

orange color and orange tree for interior decorating to feng shui room design
Orange color shades and orange trees help Feng Shui for wealth



Ancient Chinese art of home design and decorating brings balance and harmony into home interiors. Feng Shui interior decorating ideas feel pleasant, inviting and relaxing. Good Feng Shui colors and traditional Chinese symbols add beautiful accents and deep meaning to interior decorating, creating attractive, neat and peaceful rooms, perfect for living in harmony and joy.

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What Feng Shui color to select is an important question for interior decorating, house exterior design or home staging to sell your property fast. Good Feng Shui color schemes help create balanced and relaxing home interiors.

Colors and Chinese symbols to Feng Shui for wealth

Your choice of Feng Shui color depends on the effect you want to achieve, Feng Shui color meanings, the atmosphere you want to create in your room, and reflects your personal taste, style and preferences. The approach should be systematic. Every detail of your color design is important, when your are decorating or home staging with Feng Shui colors.

Blue color and Water symbols

Room decorating with blue color, water and fish paintings to Feng Shui for wealth

Ancient Chinese symbols representation in house exterior and interior design is an important part of good Feng-Shui. Since Water is the Feng Shui wealth symbol, its presence in house design and room decorating attracts money, – classic Feng Shui practitioners explain. This Chinese symbol can be represented with a small aquarium, a mirror or decorating with glass objects, a small pond or a water fountain that Feng Shui home interiors and backyard landscaping.

Pictures of fish, waterfalls or seascapes, light and dark blue, greenish-blue colors and black color shades can be used for beautiful wall accents and room decorating to Feng Shui for wealth.  Feng Shui symbols of Wealth can be represented by dark blue, black and orange colors in interior decorating.

Chinese symbols of Earth and Fire

Interior decorating with ceramic vases and growing plants to Feng Shui with color and texture

Yellow color and yellowish brown color shades are Feng Shui colors that represent the Earth. Ceramic interior decorating accessories, bricks and decorative fabrics in yellow and brown colors are perfect for creating room decor which is inspired by nature, warm and comfortable. Pleasant and peaceful room decor that includes deep yellow and brown color shades help Feng Shui home interiors while creating a cozy atmosphere.

Orange color and decorative candles to Feng Shui interior design

Decorating interior in sky-blue color for spacious look

Yellow room decorating for sunny and happy designs

Candles or electric lights are powerful Feng Shui symbols of the Fire element. Candles and lights create great interior decorating accents that stimulate the positive energy flow and Feng Shui home interiors and house exterior design.

Feng Shui symbols of Power

Chinese symbol of the Power can be represented by wooden furniture and green accessories. Branches, twigs, flowers and green indoor plants are wonderful decorative accessories. These Chinese symbols of the Power and Growth help Feng Shui homes in natural style. Flowers should be placed in the eastern or south-eastern parts of the house, according to classic Feng Shui home design guide.

To Feng Shui with green accessories

You can grow a small orange or lemon tree at home to add the Feng Shui symbol of the Power to your interior decorating. Orange colors are good Feng Shui color shades that symbolize the Creativity and Optimism also. Trees, branches and leaves are Feng Shui symbols of the Growth and Power. Greenish-yellow and orange color shades, a green leaves pattern or images of trees are excellent ways to Feng Shui interior decorating.

Orange interior decorating ideas for modern home

Popular blue-green home decor colors

Orange color is the good Feng Shui color and Chinese symbol of the Prosperity also. Adding orange trees to unfavorable home zones compensates the negative effects and increases the positive energy flow, Chinese Feng Shui experts say.

Orange color shades and orange trees help Feng Shui for wealth

Orange color is the Feng Shui color of emotions. The second state, the sexuality state, is colored in orange. Orange color is the Feng Shui color of libido energy that stimulates contacts with the opposite sex. Orange paint or wall decorating ideas, furniture and decor accessories in orange color shades are perfect to Feng Shui your bedroom design.

Orange color shades help fight bad mood and feel the joy of life. This Feng Shui color of the Creativity contributes to better self-expression and optimism. Orange color shades are versatile, suitable for any room, good Feng Shui colors for interior decorating. Orange paint, wallpaper patterns and home furnishings look great in home offices, kids rooms, family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms or dining rooms.

Feng Shui symbol of Life

Red color is the warmest color. Yellow, orange and red colors are dynamic and powerful Feng Shui colors that have Yin energetic properties. Chinese Feng Shui experts say that red colors are Chinese symbols of the Life. The first man’s state, the energy gate, is colored red. Red is the color of blood, so people associate red color with life.

Pink color is the Feng Shui color of love

Rich red color shades attract good luck, but red color is recommended only for commercial and business interior decorating. Red is not good to Feng Shui interior design, unless it is used in moderation for home decorating with bright red accents. Chinese Feng Shui decorating experts suggest to use red color for bright details to accentuate home decor. Red flowers, tablecloth and napkins sets, red dinnerware, kitchen utensils, modern wallpaper patterns, furniture upholstery fabrics or paintings with red details are great to Feng Shui interior decorating.

Red and white dinnerware with floral pattern

Modern decorating with pink color

Feng Shui home design guide does not recommend bright red color shades for bedroom decorating. Very soft red color shades, pink or peach, reddish-brown or reddish-orange color shades are good to Feng Shui any room. Pink color is a good Feng Shui color choice for tender and romantic interior decorating. Soft and pleasant pink and peach colors are ancient Chinese symbols of love.

Black and pink bedroom colors to romanticize and Feng Shui interior design

Decorating ideas to Feng Shui home design

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Green color for decorating home

Room decor with stylish stripes illusion

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