Feng Shui Home, Step 6, Living Room Design and Decorating

living room furniture placement to feng shui home

Living room furniture placement to Feng Shui home, white leather furniture for living room


Ancient Chinese Feng Shui is the art of interior decorating that creates balanced, relaxing and attractive rooms to add harmony to people’s lives. Classic Chinese Feng Shui home design philosophy teaches how to achieve balanced, take care of health, protect homes, attracting wealth and happiness.

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17 tips to Feng Shui living room design

1. Seating area is a cozy zone, a gathering place for family members to watch TV or just relax together. Good Feng Shui design makes a living room comfortable, welcoming, well-lit and warm.

2. According to Feng Shui living room furniture placement guide, people sitting in the living room should be able to see everyone who is entering the room.

Living room furniture placement

Modern living room design in neutral colors

3. Feng Shui practitioners say that the center of the living room is the good luck zone. In Feng Shui it is important to decorate a living room with some open space in its center to attract good luck and Feng Shui a home for wealth.

4. Feng Shui living room decorating ideas ensure that there is no objects in the middle of the room that prevent people to enter the room. The objects and furniture pieces which obstruct the smooth flow of positive energy need to be removed.

Feng Shui for living room

5. If the living room design has an alcove, the positive energy can stagnate in the house. Indoor plants and living room furniture items with rounded corners and soft edges help to improve the energy flow.

To Feng Shui living room decor

Green indoor plants to Feng Shui home interiors

6. Chinese Feng Shui for room decorating suggests hanging a mirror on the wall that creates a sense of depth and stimulates the energy movement.

7. Green indoor plants, flower arrangements and soft living room lighting help create a pleasant atmosphere and Feng Shui a room in accordance with Chinese Feng Shui decorating guide. Right furniture placement and green indoor plants help the positive energy move around the room, allowing living room furnishings to breath and creating open and airy room design.

8. The living room furniture placement guide recommends pushing armchairs and sofas back to walls, creating inviting, simple and elegant interior design.

9. The TV set, placed in the corner, is a living room decorating element that attracts prosperity, creating a centerpiece that improves the Feng Shui wealth zone.

Neutral colors, nature themed wall decor and right living room furniture placement for good Feng Shui design

10. Living room design that includes traditional bookcases with doors instead of storage furniture with open shelves, is recommended by Chinese Feng Shui teachers.

11. Bookcases and cabinets can emit destructive energy, so they should be kept closed to make living room design look organized and neat, and Feng Shui home interiors in elegant style.

How to Feng Shui corner furniture

How to Feng Shui book shelves and bookcases in living rooms

Bookcases with doors for good Feng Shui design

12. Books on open shelves can lead to illness, bad mood and depression over the time, classic Feng Shui practitioners say. If you had books on open book shelves in the living room for a while, Feng Shui room decorating guide recommends to position the roots of your indoor plants at the level of shelves edges (basically to place house plants on the shelves in the living room) and reduce the harmful effect of open storage furniture. No doubt, book shelves decorated with green indoor plants will look more beautiful in your living room.

Home book shelves and personal library design style

13. Living room furniture placement guide does not recommend to have wooden shelves in the south-western, north-eastern or central parts of your living room.

Small living room design and decor accessories to Feng Shui a home with light and pleasant atmosphere

14. Feng Shui teaches do not suggest decorating with glass shelves, if your living room is located in the northern part of the house.

Modern wall decorating ideas

To Feng Shui living room walls with family pictures

15. You can decorate living room walls with your family photos, but the collection must include the photographs of all family members living in the house, Feng Shui room decorating experts suggest.

Wall decorating with family photographs for Feng Shui a living room design

16. People on the photographs should be alive and look happy. Only happy photos bring good luck, according to classic Chinese Feng Shui practitioners, and decorate your living room with cheerful and pleasant images.

To Feng Shui living room corners with indoor plants

Indoor plants to Feng Shui home

17. Living room furniture corners and columns should be rounded or cut at 45° angle to help the energy flow. Room corners and sharp edges can be decorated with beautiful indoor plants with rounded leaves and climbing house plants.

The ancient Chinese Feng Shui home decorating guide recommends using live indoor plants or artificial plants to hide room corners. Indoor plants help the positive energy flow freely around the living room and through all home interiors.

Modern interior decorating ideas

Decorating interior in sky blue for spacious look

Popular home decor colors

Room decorating with custom made eco lamps

Asian interior decorating accessories to Feng Shui room design
Modern living room design, good Feng Shui decorating with indoor plants and living room furniture placement

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