Fabulous Ideas for Cake Decoration with Edible Flowers

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edible flowers for food decoration and presentation, cake decoration ideas
Beautiful cake decoration with purple flowers


Food decoration with edible flowers is a fabulous idea for adding charm to holiday tables and beautifying meals that you cook for special events. Cake decoration with edible flowers brings simple elegance to the desert presentation, delights your guests, and creates beautiful memories. Edible flowers as a cake decoration are versatile and suitable for any event.

Edible flowers add a unique flair to food decoration. Edible flowers used as a cake decoration look romantic, tender, and gracious. Perfect for weddings and birthdays, these edible decorations help add color and texture and create unique flower arrangements that personalize cakes and turn the desert into a special one.

Organic edible flowers are ideal for food decoration. Organic edible flowers grow with no chemicals, so pesticide residue does not get to meals or cakes. Organically grown edible flowers are safe, healthy, and perfect for food decoration for adults’ and kids’ events.

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Edible flowers for food decoration and presentation

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Beautiful cake decoration with flowers

Beautiful cake decoration with purple flowers

Edible flowers include dandelions, chrysanthemum, fuchsia, gladiola, gardenia, hibiscus, lavender, pansies, jasmine, lilac, primrose, marigold, and violet. Ordinary flowers work for cake decoration also, but most of the fresh flowers are not edible.

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Edible flowers for food decoration and presentation

Edible flowers for food decoration and presentation

No matter what fresh flowers you choose to use for cake decoration, you want to add them to the cake as near to serving times as possible to offer the best quality and cake presentation. Using flower petals is another fabulous alternative for cake decoration. Sprinkling the flower petals over the cake adds charming details to simple, plain cakes.

Edible flowers and sugar for cake decoration

Edible flowers as a garnish make a slice of a cake look beautiful and elegant with a few attractively placed flowers or flower petals. Sugared flowers add a glamorous look to cake decoration., beautified with edible flowers and sugar.

White cake decoration with red flowers

Flower holders help keep large edible flowers fresh and attractive. To make stem holders, cut a length of drinking straw 2 to 3 inches (5 to 7.5 cm) long. Bend the end of the straw upward and tape it against the tube. Add water to the tube, filling it about 3/4 the way. Insert the flower stem into the tube, and insert the tube into the cake at the location where you want the flower to be.

Edible flowers for food decoration

Small flower arrangements are lovely and offer a great way to personalize cake decoration. The height of the space between the cake layers determines the size of the flower arrangements you can add to your cake decoration. The flower arrangements can be placed on the cake between the layers when setting up the cake presentation.

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