Edible Flowers, Healthy and Romantic Table Decoration

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From the times of ancient Greece, Rome or China edible flowers have always been used for table decoration, cooking meals, in medicine and aromatherapy. Edible flowers are perfect for natural and romantic table decoration and attractive healthy food presentation. (Green home decor that cleans the air, eco-friendly house plants) Edible flowers and herbs have antioxidants and amino acids that strengthen the immune system and improve health.

In Japanese cuisine meals are traditionally decorated with edible plants and flowers. Edible flowers and herbs offer beautiful table decoration ideas, making dinner table setting look like skillfully crafted Asian art piece. Japanese use edible flowers, green algae and leaves for artful table decoration ideas. Charming chrysanthemums and a sauce, made of edible flowers, are used for many popular fish and sea food dishes in Japan.

In Europe and North America people enjoy floral table decoration ideas also and use edible flowers for creative food presentation. (Food design ideas and eating culture, nature, talent, sensation and action ingredients) Wild rose petals and bids, zucchini, calendula (pot marigold) and chamomile flowers are excellent flowers for bright, unusual and romantic dinner table decoration.

Many beautiful flowers have been used as edible decorations and ingredients in China and other parts of Asia for centuries. Fruit salads, prepared in Thailand, are often decorated with orchid flowers or flower petals. French cooks offer cheeses with orchid flower petals also.

Beautiful roses are used for traditional wedding decorations in the Middle East. Edible roses are wonderful ideas for romantic dinner table decoration, special events and romantic holidays. Fragrant rose water brings beautiful aroma, and healthy rose syrup adds a unique flavor to edible decorations on a wedding cake.

Edible rose petals for table decoration

Decorating with flowers, edible rose petals
Tender rose petals for dinner table decoration

Edible flower and health

Edible flowers and herbs make food healthier, but they should not be cooked for long time. Edible flowers and herbs are perfect for salads, cold deserts and edible decorations for cooked food presentation.

In North America dandelion, chamomile and nasturtiums are the most popular edible flowers. Their petals are rich in vitamins and have a slightly spicy taste. Daisies are edible flowers that add walnut flavor to salads and meals.

Hibiscus flowers, rose petals and bids are rich with vitamin C, that helps fight colds, viruses and the flu. Other edible flowers contain vitamin A, D, E and beta carotene. Edible flowers, like hibiscus flowers helpĀ  control cholesterol levels.

Table decoration and cooking

Edible flowers, blooming table decoration ideas
Edible flower cuisine and gorgeous food presentation

1. Eat only flowers and herbs you know, because there are many poisonous plants around that can look harmless.

2. Edible flowers that are used for food have to be organic and not sprayed by any chemicals or toxic fertilizers. (Organic flowers for dinner table decoration) Although cheap flowers are available online or from local stores, choose to grow healthy organic herbs and edible flowers for cooking and attractive table decoration.

3. Eat only flower petals. (Edible flowers, cooking and table decoration with tulips) Other parts of edible flowers can be edible or not, but usually have less pleasant taste.

4. Add edible flowers to sea food, steaks, meat balls, meatloaf, ham slices, fish pieces or vegetarian meals, adding more color and interest and creating striking food presentation.

Plants and flowers inspire and delight. Edible flowers and herbs create dramatic food presentation and help create unusual table decoration ideas. (Edible flowers, food presentation and table decoration ideas) Meals, garnished with edible flowers and herbs, satisfy human senses with charming beauty, contrasting colors, unique texture, shapes and aroma.

  by Ena Russ   

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