Modern Room Decorating, Stylish Stripes, Optical Illusions for Stretching Spaces

bedroom decorating with horizontal stripes on walls
Bedroom decorating with horizontal stripes painting on walls and gray bedding set



Room decorating with stripes is a modern trend. Stripped walls, furniture upholstery fabrics, and room decor accessories look stylish and exciting. Beautiful interior decorating with stripes creates a magic optical illusion in the room. Using striped wallpaper, room decor accessories, or painting stripes on walls, your can balance room proportions, creating a pleasant feel of spacious and harmonious design, and add more interest to modern interior decorating.

Floor and wall stripes are a creative way to divide large living spaces into zones. Painting stripes on your walls, ceiling, or floor is one of the ideas. Using striped wallpaper patterns and room decor accessories in matching colors – a striped carpet, small rugs, decorative pillows, window curtains, vases, or picture frames with stripes – also create elegant, modern, and beautiful interiors. Modern wall decoration ideas offer various striped wallpaper designs, attractive and creative painting ideas inspired by nature or contemporary graphic art.

How to Feng Shui room decorating with striped patterns

Painted stripes on wooden stairs, colorful interior decorating ideas

Horizontal lines on walls, stretching small spaces visually

Modern room decorating with stripes

Striped on walls, ceiling, floor, modern room decorating with the striped rug, pillows, blanket

Colorful or black and white stripes look lovely on any surface, with any texture or finish. Home decorating with stripes works well for any interior design element. Modern wall decoration with striped wallpaper or painting ideas, floor decorating with striped rugs and carpets, furniture upholstery fabrics, bedding, curtains, lampshades, and small decor accessories with stripes are fantastic.

Black and white room decor, fear, protection, purity

Interior decorating with blue color

Modern bedding collections, bedroom decor themes for eco style decorating

Painted stripes, striped carpets, and rugs add color variation and exciting patterns to room decorating ideas. Striped fabrics, artworks, and small home decor accessories decorate walls and furniture with color contrast and alteration, creating dynamic and exciting or peaceful and elegant room decor.

Pink room decor accessories and striped wallpaper, white stripes on walls

Striped carpets, pillows, curtains, blankets, and small accessories coordinate and organize colorful and modern home decor elements, offering beautiful interior decorating color schemes and creating energetic contrasts.

Decorating with stripes, striped wallpaper in cream and blue colors

Stripes are great for all interior decorating styles, except the Baroque style that is not supposed to have straight lines. Striped wallpaper patterns, painting ideas that add stripes to walls, ceiling, or floor, and striped home furnishings are attractive choices for the unique and modern bedroom, living room, kids room, kitchen, bathroom, and dining room decorating.

Living room decorating with striped wallpaper in golden and green colors

Often classic interiors, rooms in eco style, and ethnic interior decorating ideas include stripes. Striped carpets and pillows, window curtains, and room furniture make modern home interiors look energetic and playful. Even a single wide stripe makes neutral home decor in modern eco-style look more attractive and joyful.

Light blue and white stripes on walls, furniture upholstery fabric, pillows

Interior design online

It is not always easy to create harmonious and elegant room decorating ideas with striped wallpaper patterns or painting ideas. Using computer technology, you can design various home interiors with different striped wallpaper patterns and experiment with wall painting ideas virtually. It is good to create your interior design online and see what color combinations and stripes you like better.

Green and white stripes on walls, modern wall painting ideas

3d home design helps select colors for stripes on walls, ceiling, and floor, changing the width and direction of the stripes quickly and easily. Interior design online is an excellent way to see and evaluate various room decorating ideas. Virtual interior design online allows selecting room colors and striped patterns before the actual room painting or wall decorating with wallpaper starts.

Striped accessories, pillows with black and white stripes
Floor rugs with colorful stripes for accentuating room decor

Room colors for decorating with stripes

Room decorating with stripes works for all home interiors. Colorful or classy black and white stripes on walls, floor, ceiling, furniture, or decor accessories can add dynamic accents to living rooms and kids’ room decorating or create a relaxing atmosphere in a bedroom or bathroom with neutral and calming room colors.

Bedroom decorating with horizontal stripes and gray bedding set

Modern room decorating with stripes is perfect for colorful, cheerful, and playful kids’ room designs. Bright stripes on walls, ceilings, or floors make kids’ room decor feel adventurous, optimistic, and stimulating.

Blue and white stripes on cushions, modern home decor accessories

Stylish stripes on walls, ceiling, floor, room furniture, and decor accessories can feel soft and relaxing when choosing monochromatic, light neutral colors and pastel tones. Bright stripes make statements creating unique and bold decoration patterns, adding drama to modern interior decorating.

Dining room decorating with vertical stripes in pink color

You can consider decorating with stripes that include long and short stripe sequences or use classy room decorating ideas with light and dark lines on walls, furniture, or decor accessories. 3d virtual home design helps visualize your room decorating ideas and select the best for your home solutions and rooms colors to envision beautiful and modern home interiors with stripes.

Decorating with striped wallpaper, colorful stripes on walls

Interior decorating with stripes

Kids room decorating with stripes on the ceiling in brown and green colors
Kids room decorating with stripes on the ceiling in white and red colors
Striped carpet with black and white stripes
Painting ideas, horizontal stripes on the wall in neutral colors
Bright yellow and blue stripes on the ceiling, colorful painting ideas

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