Feng Shui Color for Home Design, Color Meanings

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Five elements to Feng Shui home design



It is easy to shift your room energy and create balanced living spaces with good Feng Shui decorating choices and color design. Each Feng Shui color has meanings and corresponds to a specific area in your home. The easiest way to shift your home energy is by using Feng Shui color. It is essential to select a good Feng Shui color for home design to create a harmonious and relaxing living space. Each Feng Shui color has meanings, adds symbolism and beautiful decorative accents to home interiors.

If you practice Feng Shui and believe in Feng Shui principles, follow Feng Shui tips for color design. Pay attention to details. Good Feng-Shui for a home interior is impossible if you think about only one of many Feng Shui home design elements. The approach to home decorating, including color design choices, should be systematic. Feng Shui colors express Feng Shui elements – Water, Wood, Earth, Metal, and Fire.  Each of these elements applies to specific areas on Bagua, the energy map. Following the Feng Shui energy map, the color design creates pleasant home interiors balanced, harmonious, and inviting.

Chinese Feng Shui home colors and symbols

Modern interior decorating with purple-brown paint and furnishings

Yellow color design, interior decorating, color psychology

Feng Shui color in home design

Warm and cold interior color shades and tones

Zones and symbolic elements

Feng Shui home design symbolism

South – Fire – red, orange, and pink;
South-East – Wood – green;
North – Water- blue and black;
South-West and North-East – Earth – brown, beige and yellow;
West and North-West – Metal – white, golden, silver.

Yellow tones to Feng Shui home design

Yellow is the Feng Shui color of Intellect. The third man’s state, the solar state, is yellow. Yellow is the Feng Shui color of wisdom, clear mind, and tolerance — no wonder China’s rulers preferred yellow and golden symbols. Yellow colors Feng Shui a kitchen, a dining room, and a home office since yellow room paint and furnishings help with work and decision making. Yellow color design is not recommended for bedroom decorating.

Five elements to Feng Shui home design

Brown in Feng Shui design

Comfortable brown is the Feng Shui color of Earth. Brown shades are the Chinese symbol of reliability, usability, and consistency. Feng Shui home design experts do not use brown tones excessively. Dark brown is not suitable for wall paints, but it is perfect for furniture, curtains, and carpets, especially in Feng Shui of bedroom and living room interiors. Brown color shades create a comfortable, warm, and cozy decor.

Feng Shui color for home design, roof color

Year of Rabbit, Feng Shui color schemes

Feng Shui home with lucky rugs and floor carpets

Yang and yin

Cool Feng Shui colors include various shades of blue, green, and purple. These are yang colors that symbolize rest, peace, relaxation, and tranquility. In classic Feng Shui, warm or cold color design corresponds to different zones and energy, yin or yang energy. For example, kitchens and living rooms belong to the yin group of home interiors. Feng Shui home design experts recommend using warm color design for places in the yin group and to choose yang colors (selecting light shades of cool Feng Shui colors) for bathroom, office, and bedroom color design.

Purple and golden tones, Feng Shui home design

Green color to Feng Shui room

Green is the Feng Shui color of Movement. Green is the ancient symbol of a man’s heart state and nature. Green tones are perfect for yin color design also. Green shades are recommended for a library, study room, bathroom, and bedroom decorating.

Bedding color symbolism

Home decor colors, most popular blue-green hues

Blue color symbolism and decorating ideas

Blue color design

Blue is the color of Peace in Feng Shui. The fifth state is blue. The blue color design radiates peace, security, and trust. Chinese Feng Shui home design guide recommends blue tones for bedroom and bathroom decorating. Blue color design is perfect for medical office design also.

Blue living room design, furniture, decor accessories, wall paint

Purple color to Feng Shui home

Feng Shui purple is the color of Spirituality. The sixth state, the famous third eye, is colored purple. Purple is associated with intuition and meditation. This Feng Shui color is the symbol of devotion and idealism. Purple color design is recommended not for home interior decorating but for worship, classrooms, and rooms for practicing traditional medicine. The purple color design is great for decorating the corner in the bedroom, used for meditations.

Purple color schemes for room decorating

Black and white room decor

Black and gray decor ideas for home design

Metallic colors

Metallic colors, white, gold, and silver interior decorating objects or design details symbolize  Entrepreneurship and Versatility, according to Feng Shui masters. You can use metallics to design a more spacious room, adding attractive, bright, and light interior decorating accents.

Good Feng Shui ideas for living room designs, golden decorations, round shapes


White is the Feng Shui color of Purity. The seventh state, the crown state, is white. Europeans call all transparent objects white, but the white color design is not colorless in the East. In Eastern cultures and Feng Shui, white items have deep meanings. Indians and Chinese mourning clothes are white because white is the symbol of non-existence. White brings a particular purpose, energy, and power of Purity to Asian interior decorating style.

Contemporary interior design in white

White is the symbol of freshness and renewal. Feng Shui home design experts suggest adding white to other room colors wisely. The white color design is not ordinary. White shades have deep meanings and should be combined with different interior design colors for good Feng Shui home decorating.

White decorating ideas, living room furniture, table lamps

Black and gray colors in Feng Shui

Black is the Feng Shui color of Force that absorbs all colors. Black is a symbol of strength, knowledge, and mystery. Chinese Feng Shui decorating experts suggest to use black color for home design and decorating carefully because dark tones can become the source of depression and bad mood. Gray is the color of Restraint. Feng Shui design teachers do not recommend a lot of gray in-room color schemes. Ancient Feng Shui practitioners advised that gray color design can create an atmosphere of tension and fear.

Black and white interior design with purple accents

Elegant light gray is a good Feng Shui color for interior decorating ideas that help create pleasant spaces for rest, for offices and receptions, where self-restraint and quiet atmosphere are appropriate. Also, pleasing shades of calming gray, combined with warm colors, create a sense of joy, excitement, and romance. Feng Shui color experts recommend combining other colors with a neutral gray color for home design, especially Feng Shui bedroom.

Gray wall paint, white bedding, color design ideas for modern bedrooms

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