Bedding Color Symbolism

bedding linens, percale sheets and duvet in white color
White bedding linens, percale sheets, sleep pillows and duvet



How do we feel when we look at our bedding? Peaceful or anxious? Ready for a stormy night of love or lacking energy? Do you know that people subconsciously react to bedding colors and fabric patterns? Scientists say that the majority of people are visual. Eyes are the main channel for obtaining information: bedroom colors and bedding fabric patterns awake particular emotions and cause-specific reactions.

Bedding fabric patterns and bedroom colors dramatically influence our mood and health. Learning about fresh bedroom decorating ideas and modern colors helps us choose beautiful and relaxing hues. Matching interior design color schemes coordinate wall paint and patterns with bedroom decor accessories and create harmony while adding a personal, pleasant, and elegant touch to bedroom designs.

Purchasing a few bedding sets in different colors allows you to add different bedroom decor themes, color combinations, and fabric patterns to your interior decorating. As a result, you will be able to change your bedroom decor every season, setting the perfect atmosphere for rest and meditation, good sleep and sweet dreams, or love and romance.

Bedding fabrics and color psychology for bedroom decorating

White bedding linens, percale sheets, sleep pillows, duvet

White bedding sets

White is the color of innocence. White bedding fabric looks classic, fresh, and stylish. White bedding sets and room decor accessories, soft white wall paint, and wallpaper patterns strengthen the body and increase energy.

Cream paint colors for home staging

Modern bedding collections and bedroom decor themes

Most popular blue-green home decor colors

White bedding sets and curtains feel soothing. Soft white bedroom colors accelerate the process of falling asleep. Light bedroom decorating ideas, white room decor accessories, white paint colors or wallpaper patterns, window curtains, bedroom furniture upholstery fabrics, and white bedding sets help people who suffer insomnia to relax and enjoy sleep.

Light blue bedding sets

Sky blue bedding set with tiny floral designs, bedroom decorating with light blue color

Light blue is the color of blissful sleep, according to ancient Feng Shui bedroom decorating experts. Light-blue bedroom decorating ideas, including soft tones of blue wall paint, wallpaper patterns, window curtains, light blue bedding sets, and small room decor accessories in pastel and pale blue color tones, create positive energy and pleasant, comfortable, peaceful, modern bedroom decor.

Sky-blue bedding sets, light-blue wall paints, or wallpapers make bedroom decorating feel calming and pleasant. Light-blue bedding sets promise good rest and sweet dreams. Blue is the perfect color for quiet and tranquil bedroom decor. Sky blue color, selected for modern bedding sets, is beneficial for people who suffer nightmares. Light-blue bedroom decorating ideas heal the soul and the body. It is believed that light blue bedding fabric and wall decor help fight throat infections and inflammatory diseases also.

Green bedding sets

Green floral bedding fabric with sizeable white calla flowers, bedroom decorating with green color

Green is the color symbol of relaxation. Forest green color tones of modern bedding sets add freshness to bedroom decorating ideas. Attractive room decor accessories and contemporary bedding sets in soft pastel and light green colors bring an airy feel, lightness, and tranquility into bedroom decor. Relaxing green bedding sets help people unite with nature and enjoy emotional balance.

Brown green bedding sets

Brown-green bedding sets and comfortable bedroom decorating ideas that include wooden furniture in brown colors, light brown or green wall paint or wallpaper design, and brown-green bedroom decor accessories, combined with cream or crispy white home accents, promote complete relaxation.

Modern bedding fabrics in green and brown colors

Green bedding fabric patterns feel natural and help people wake up fresh and feeling rested in the morning. Green bedroom decorating ideas, especially room decor accessories and bedding set designs inspired by nature, are great for calming modern bedroom decorating in eco style. Light green paint colors and wallpaper patterns are excellent bedroom decor ideas that support decorating themes in eco style, helps relieve muscle tension, and cure headaches.

Yellow bedding sets

Bedding sets in yellow color are happy and cheerful.

Large floral designs and yellow bedding fabrics for bedroom decorating in eco style

Orange bedding fabrics

Orange bedding sets are an excellent choice for adding bright and energetic accents to modern bedroom decorating ideas.

Orange bedding fabrics with African animals and zebra prints, modern bedroom decor ideas

Red bedding linens

Bedding linens in red colors bring passion and dynamism into modern bedroom decor.

Red bedding with black floral designs, bright bedroom decor ideas

Pink bedding fabrics

Pink bedding sets look soft and trendy, symbolizing tenderness, romance, love, and affection.

Lilac and pink bedding fabrics colors, silk bedding set with floral designs

Brown bedding fabrics

Brown bedding sets add comfort and stability to modern bedroom decorating.

Silk bedding set, light brown bedroom colors

Black bedding fabrics

Black bedding sets are classy and sophisticated.

Black bedding, bed cover, decorative pillows with panthers

Purple bedding linens

Purple bedding fabric brings mystery and charm into bedroom decor.

Purple and pink comforter with floral designs in contemporary style

Dark blue bedding sets

Dark blue bedding sets symbolize peace, creating tranquil modern bedroom decor.

Contemporary bedding fabrics with stripes and floral designs in deep blue color

Gray bedding fabrics

Bedding sets in gray color tones look elegant and neutral, perfectly matching existing bedroom colors.

Modern bedding linens in light gray color, neutral bedroom colors

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