Elegant Chinese Garden Design Inspirations for Beautiful Backyard Designs

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Chinese garden design inspirations for beautiful backyard ideas



Chinese garden designs blend the nature with elegance. Impressive oriental garden design ideas give great inspirations for peaceful and beautiful backyard designs. Chinese garden design ideas reflect the Chinese philosophies and cultures. Chinese gardens make significant pieces of Chinese history. Five thousand years of gardening has yielded some of the most amazing and beautiful garden designs in China.

Chinese garden designs have been influenced by several dynastic periods which added new ways of looking at gardens since the concept was established as an important part of an emperor’s official residence. In the beginning Chinese gardens were designed as homes for animals used for hunting and for the emperor to rest. Chinese gardens are elegant, impressive and peaceful places to rest and renew energy.

Later Chinese garden designs included little palaces, pavilions and rooms on little islands in a pond. Gorgeous plants and flowers, used in moderation, beautify tranquil Chinese garden designs with amazing rockeries and meaningful garden stones. When considering an oriental garden design style, think of elements and features that reflect or seek to imitate natural surroundings. A Chinese rock garden design is an excellent way to interpret the natural landscapes and create a peaceful small world right in your own backyard.

Chinese garden design

Chinese garden design with a koi fish pond

If a western garden design style or European style rock gardens emphasizes control over the nature,  oriental garden design ideas demonstrate people ‘s ability to tame the nature to man-made design. All garden design style create beautiful places, and you can get inspired by various garden designs and incorporate different ways of gardening into your backyard ideas.

Chinese garden designs are built to produce something beautiful in cooperation with the nature and with less ornamental details. Your Chinese garden design is created with simple elements and must also be simple. If you want something lasting, you should use strong, old stones, which should be set up in layers, Chinese garden experts suggest.

Chinese garden design inspirations for beautiful backyard ideas

First you need to pay attention to the nature and shape of the stones. If you cannot find a stone with suitable furrows, be patient, because the Chinese garden stones should be set up with due respect to their furrows. If they are too deeply furrowed, they may fall apart. If they have big hollows, it is best to place them high up.

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Creating beautiful backyard landscaping inspired by oriental garden designs

Japanese rock gardens, landscaping ideas, oriental garden design

Stones provide the backbone of the entire oriental garden design. In former times the most beautiful old stones for Chinese gardens were so-called flower-stones. Nowadays, even if the stones are clumsy, they may be piled up in layers, and one can find good stones even in the wildest mountains. Stones are not like grass and trees. Once they have been taken out they are not replaced by a second crop. Human beings look for profit and reputation, and overlook the importance of creating something for a remote future.

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Creating a Chinese rock garden design with meaningful stones is a wonderful idea for tranquil and beautiful backyard designs.  Any outdoor living space can be transformed into a small Chinese garden showcasing oriental garden design style and philosophical principles.

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Rocks in Japanese gardens, building a rock garden, backyard designs

Large backyard designs allow to incorporate a few stone and rock features for great Chinese garden designs which are tranquil, natural, and simple. Stones represent mountains in the natural landscapes. Oriental garden design feature stones placed on horizontal terraces and on hill slopes to reflect a more naturally occurring situations and create more realistic natural landscapes.

Beautiful oriental garden design

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