20 Paper Interior Design Ideas and Paper Crafts Reflecting Latest Trends in Decorating

latest trends in interior decorating and recycling paper

Recycling paper tubes for modern interior design, latest trends in decorating


Latest trends in decorating walls and modern interior design ideas offer amazing and cheap solutions and provide great inspirations for inexpensive home decorating with paper. People do not need to spend a lot of money, especially when they enjoy paper crafts which can be made for room decorating and adding fabulous personality to modern interior design.

Paper crafts can turn your home interiors into unique and very stylish rooms. Paper crafts and paper interior design ideas are wonderful latest trends in decorating that allow to recycle this beautiful material and create unique furniture, attractive wall decorations, lighting fixtures, mirror and picture frames, room dividers, window curtains and decorative vases. Lushome collection of creative paper crafts and stylish paper interior design ideas demonstrate how to use this eco friendly material for cheap and impressive office or home decorating.

Paper is a versatile, eco friendly and easy to work with material. Designers create furniture, attractive wall decorations, lighting fixtures, mirror and picture frames, room dividers, window curtains and decorative vases recycling paper and exploring latest trends in decorating and design. Home furnishings and wall decorations made with paper crafts look like artworks inspired by origami and add fabulous details to modern interior design and decorating.

Colorful paper craft ideas, paper flowers and contemporary wall decorations

Paper interior design ideas and paper crafts

Paper crafts and recycling paper for lighting fixtures, latest trends in decorating

Paper interior design ideas, wall decorations or lighting fixtures made with paper can transform your interior design and decorating beyond recognition. Paper allows to bring various shapes and create fantastic 3d forms for decorating walls, ceiling, staircases and home furnishings. Paper crafts look tender and exclusive, adding fine accents to chandeliers and table lamps, frames and room dividers, window curtains and decorative vases.

Paper flowers, birds and butterflies decorations look especially romantic and interesting. Interior designers Amy Lau and Maya Romanoff created this amazingly stunning wall design that bring powerful, but soft and pleasant energy into modern interiors.

Paper crafts for wall decorations, modern interior design ideas in eco friendly style

Modern interior design ideas that incorporate paper crafts into decorating present the latest trends and attractive concepts with a touch of art. Stylish and contemporary or retro modern interior design which includes paper crafts looks unusual, amazing, pretty and impressive.

Pendant light fixtures made of corrugated paper, recycling for contemporary lighting fixtures

Recycling paper for handmade cardboard table lamp, creative eco friendly products for Green living

Fabulous staircase design with paper flowers looks amazing, creating the gorgeous work of art that give great inspirations for recycling paper and interior decorating in eco friendly style.

Staircase design with paper flowers, latest trends in decorating

These unique, spectacular and modern interior design ideas created a stylish clothing boutique in Japan. Recycling paper for amazing wall and ceiling designs change the interior blending the natural material with traditional bricks and wood. The paper tubes are placed in random layers to create huge arches that add stunning details to the complex spaces which feels like caves.

Recycling paper tubes for modern interior design, latest trends in decorating

The interior design of the boutique can be transformed in various ways throughout the changes in wall and ceiling designs each year. Recycling paper offered fresh and innovative ways to decorate spaces and connect people with products. The boutique is located in Higashi Hiroshima city, Japan.

Recycling paper for modern interior design, wall decoration and unique ceiling designs

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