Black and Grey Decor Ideas for Baby Rooms Design

nursery wall decorating with birds images in light gray and pink colors

Gray color for baby room decorating, white, pink and gray nursery decor


It is believed, that black or grey color tones are not the best choices for baby nursery decorating. Room decor in black color is elegant and attractive, but symbolizes the mystery of the world and can create tension. A man must go through the darkness to see and appreciate the light, but black color is too difficult for very young kids.

Modern room decorating ideas that include black color attract and frighten at the same time. The tense atmosphere of black nursery decorating is not good for small babies and their positive emotional development. Black color, selected for wall decorating, – black paint, tapestry or black wallpaper is too powerful for baby room design.

Black wall decorating implies the negation of other room colors. When there is no colorful stimulation, adding bright accents is important. Nursery decorating in black can feel relaxing and calming, if only a few room decor accessories in black color are used and combined with other room colors.

Baby room decor in black color

Black and white decorating colors for baby room design

According to psychologists, nursery decorating ideas that include very dark colors can develop pessimistic attitude. Young kids can become tired, sad and aggressive, if baby room decor is too dark.

Very dark gray baby room colors produce similar effects. Black and white decorating ideas and black and white with other color combination are better choices for baby room design. Black and white room colors balance each other, creating harmonious, elegant and relaxing nursery decorating design.

Black wall and white decorating ideas, modern baby room design, white and black decor
White and black colors for wall decorating, black wallpaper

Baby room decor in light gray color

Black color for kids bedrooms and play room decorating

Black and white room decor, fear, protection and purity

Light gray color is great for baby room decorating. Gray room decorating ideas feel neutral and calming. Light gray baby nursery decor or gray and white decorating ideas – light gray and off white nursery wall paint colors, combined with another color of kids furniture, baby bedding or kids room decor accessories, – create very relaxing environment, and attractive, elegant and modern baby room decorating design.

Soft brownish black color for baby room decorating, nursery room design and modern decor ideas

However, gray and black baby room colors should be always used in moderation, especially medium to dark color tones. Too dark room colors, including gray and black colors, selected for nursery decorating ideas, can prevent developing sincerity of feelings and emotions, optimism and positive attitude, making kids feel less happy.

Basic interior decorating principles and kids room design ideas

Neutral colors for baby room design

All white, beige, gray and black color combinations are wonderful for baby room design in neutral colors. Baby nursery decorating in neutral colors, spiced up with bright color accents creates beautiful, cheerful and optimistic, but calming and soothing room design.

Gray color for baby room decorating, white, pink and gray nursery decor
Modern black color for wall decorating, butterflies decor theme

Light gray colors add stability and elegance to modern baby room design. Light gray color included in nursery decorating ideas helps developing the confidence in small kids. Baby room design in light gray color feels safe and comfortable.

Kids room decor with playful shadows

Colorful toddler bedroom design and kids playroom ideas

Also even light gray color may create the feeling of isolation in a baby room and provoke developing a sense of separation from others. Even light neutral colors can affect a baby development in the future. Baby room design in gray color feels like something is missing and calls for other color to accentuate peaceful room decor.

Blue, white and black baby room decorating colors

Modern baby room colors and color combinations

Baby room ideas, 7 decorating mistakes to avoid

Green color for kids room decorating

Light gray color tones are wonderful baby room colors that soothe the body and the soul, and create beautiful backgrounds. Light gray and white room colors fill a nursery room with peace and create a sense of spaciousness and freedom. When gray color is complimented by white decorating ideas and colorful accents, – light blue, green, pink, lilac, lime or yellow, baby room design feel bright and energetic, comfortable and playful.

Black and white nursery decorating ideas, kids wallpaper for baby room design
Kids room decorating ideas, gray wall with white silhouettes of children and butterflies

Black and dark gray colors became modern trends in baby room decorating today, but parents need to remember, that black and dark gray nursery decorating ideas can cause anxiety, boredom and lack of energy.

Kids room decorating ideas, clutter for creative wall design

All gray color tones are missing enthusiasm and action, but dark gray, black and their combinations are especially inappropriate for nursery decorating, unless other room colors add brightness and energetic look to nursery decor and create healthy, active and happy kids room design with balanced and optimistic color combinations.

Light gray and white wallpaper with empty frames pattern, bright blue and red accents for modern nursery decor

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