Growing with Kids Furniture Designs and Kids Playroom Ideas

kids desks and shelving units, modular furniture for children

Kids desks and shelving units, modern kids room decor


Unique kids furniture from German designer Rui Alves is interesting and inspiring. The Welcome to the Jungle collection of modern children furniture looks bright, functional, simple and light. The contemporary furniture set for kids rooms includes kids storage furniture, tables and benches, that change their shapes and sizes, and can grow with children.

The shelving system allows to design various book shelves, kids tables and benches. The growing with kids furniture, colorful kids tables and shelving units, can be assembled to various heights. As the rain forest has several layers, kids room decor needs to be flexible and growing with a child. The adjustable Welcome to the Jungle kids furniture collection creates the similar layering effect for children.

The Welcome to the Jungle, collection allows to change and alter kids storage furniture, large and small kids tables, and let the kids furniture grow with children as fast as rain forest plants grow. These simple, colorful and modern kids furnitureĀ  items can be used for kids toys and books. Growing with kids shelving units are functional and attractive, adding a playful look to kids rooms.

Growing with kids furniture designs

Contemporary furniture for kids, modular furniture design
Modern kids storage furniture, adjustable shelving system in bright colors

These kids desks and shelves look like toys. The parts of the modular furniture items allow to create super comfortable and personal kid room designs. The Welcome to the Jungle furniture collection is versatile and gender-neutral, perfect for all children and fun-loving parents.

Various modular furniture elements can create functional and comfortable combinations of a table and a shelving unit for every child. The modular furniture items bring modern design and add interest to kids room decor with bright colors and unique shapes. The modular furniture set will grow with a child, keeping the boredom away, stimulating kids imagination and inspiring creativity.

Kids desks and shelving units, modern kids room decor
Modular kids furniture for every room, entryway bench for children

Wooden kids furniture to grow with

Israeli designer Elad Ozeri has created this bright children’s chairs in vivid colors and animal-like shapes. Wooden kids furniture items are playful and original. These beautiful children furniture pieces give great inspirations for DIY projects.

Functional kids room design, understanding kids’ nature

Each of animal-shaped kids chairs is made of a single flat plywood piece, which makes these furniture unique and comfortable for children. The kids chairs look like artworks, and the design ideas were inspired by children drawings of animals.

Kids chairs, animal-shaped chair designs in bright colors

The modern kids furniture collection includes chairs in various sizes and shapes, and will grow with children from baby elephants chairs to taller giraffe chairs.

Unique furniture design for children, colorful kids chairs
ANIMA children furniture in bright colors, designed by Fitorio Leksono

Designer Fitorio Leksono lives in Indonesia and creates playful and colorful kids furniture. His idea of kids tables and chairs is to make them fun, bright, comfortable and functional for children.

Kids furniture, functional design for fun and smiles

Kids room decor with playful shadows

The ANIMA kids furniture, – animal-like tables and benches, and MAYO, a colorful soft toy, are fun furniture items for children bedroom designs. These creative and unusual children furniture items are great to grow with. Playful, bright and interesting, the kids furniture pieces blend the functionality with kids toys, and offer wonderful designs for children bedroom decorating.

Colorful and soft kids furniture and toys for children bedroom decorating

Growing with kids beds

Wood kids furniture, children bed
Innovative bunk beds with adjustable height

Kids playroom ideas

For every parent their kid welfare is very important, but often adults feel as their children have taken over the house. The living room, entryway, hallway, family room and kitchen that are filled with kids toys make the house look unorganized and cluttered. If there is extra space in the house, it is a good idea to design kids playroom for games and crafts.

Children bedroom furniture and kids room design ideas

In a special room with adjustable kids furniture children can keep toys and books as they like. Children will feel very special in their playroom, and parents will have neat places that are just for them to relax. Kids playrooms add more fun to children’s activities. Kids furniture, books and toys will be left in their room waiting for children to continue to play.

Unique kids furniture, dinosaur bed
Creative kids playroom ideas

Money saving tip

Kids playroom ideas can be very simple. This room does not need fine furniture, but should be equipped with functional, interesting and playful itemsĀ  that are suitable for children’s age and activities.

Kids room design, 5 basic decorating principles

Space saving ideas, modern kids bedroom furniture

There are many kids furniture stores offering great kids furniture. Finding the best kids playroom ideas for your home bring joy and fun into your kids life. The combination of good price, safety requirements, attractive kids furniture design, functionality, size, color, materials, the flexibility of kids furniture design, ability to bed adjusted and children’s preferences defines your kids room design.

Colorful kids storage furniture design

Simple and creative kids playroom ideas may include mismatched furniture and decor accessories that are functional and interesting. Children furniture should provide enough storage and stimulate kids imagination, allowing to create, play in comfort and have a lot of fun.

  by Ena Russ   

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