20 DIY Ideas to Recycle Bikes for Blooming Yard Decorations

hanging bike
Green painted bike with white polka dots, hanging wall decoration with flowers


Do you have an old bicycle rusting away in your shed? Do you like to give it a new life as a yard decoration? Here are beautiful DIY ideas that can help to turn your bike into a stunning centerpiece for your garden. Walls and fences look fabulous with painted bikes decorated with beautiful flowers. Even a lonely tree starts to look cheerful and playful with a bicycle recycled for an original flower container. Check out the inspirations for your quick makeover project and make an eye-catching piece for your yard.

Whether you want to decorate an empty stone wall, a wooden fence or an unappealing empty corner, recycling a bike for a flower holder is an excellent idea. Cascading plants and colorful flowers turn the metal frames into living decorations while repurposing old bikes and decluttering your home. Leaning against a fence or hanging on a wall, painted a bright color bicycles add fabulous decorative accents to outdoor spaces and offer easy DIY projects that are cheap and impressive.

Creative yard decorations, bike with the basket and pot with red flowers

Garden decorations made with modern or vintage bikes look fantastic. Rust or bright paint colors add character and excitement to any garden design. You can renovate your old bike and paint, or use just its frame for creating a unique centerpiece in eco style for your outdoor space. You can recycle metal parts creating unusual combinations with flowers on pots or upcycle your bike frame by painting bright colors. Small and large, two and three-wheel bicycles are excellent for bringing bold patterns and creative details into your garden.

Green painted bike with white polka dots, hanging wall decoration with flowers

Add flowering plants in hanging baskets or metal buckets. Create a colorful free-standing installation or lean your bike against your garden fence or a tree. There are endless possibilities to add the unique look to these outdoor decorations. You can use plastic or terra cotta pots, but baskets are ideal for watering the plants.

Amazing artworks and fun yard decorations recycling old tires

Green ideas to recycle wooden chairs for flower stands

Combine flowers with different colors to increase the stunning effect. Surround the blooming bike stand with flower pots or add a creative background screen. Choose the best position to highlight the charming design. These garden decorations can beautifully brighten up a fence or a wall, bring attention to a tree, or make your entrance gate look more welcoming and attractive.

Painted blue bicycle with white and purple flowers
Old wood fence decoration, rusty bike with flowers in the wooden box

  by Ena Russ   

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