Bathroom Decorating in Blue-Brown Colors, Chocolate Inspiration

small bathrooms blue paint color and wooden furniture


Colors produce both emotional and physical responses. Blue-brown color schemes feel pleasant, fresh and comfortable. Blue bathroom decorating ideas are associated with the sky and sea, waves and fresh air. Small bathrooms with blue wall colors look more spacious, fresh and inviting. Brown colors are associated with trees and bring comfort and warmth into modern interior design.

White or light blue bathroom paint colors and interior decor accessories evoke thoughts of the natural environment and, psychologically, create a calming effect. Blue bathroom decorating ideas and color schemes that include blue-green colors, turquoise and light blue paint colors, are universally appealing, versatile and great for modern interior design and home staging.

Blue is the color that helps visually increase small bathrooms. Brown bathroom decor feels safe, warm and comfortable. Brown interior decor colors are associated with wood and stability. Blue-brown color schemes are great choices for bathroom decorating with items made of wood.

Blue and brown colors for bathroom decorating

Blue bathroom paint colors for spacious small bathrooms

Wood looks great with crispy white bathroom sinks and interior decor accessories that add freshness and lightness to bathroom decorating and turn even small bathrooms into spacious and airy rooms.

Popular bright blue, green blue and turquoise tones add more color to bathroom decor, creating beautiful, tranquil and relaxing rooms. White bathroom decor accessories are perfect for emphasizing a serene, spa-like atmosphere and making small bathrooms look larger.

Blue-white-brown color scheme

The only problem is that light blue and blue-green color schemes are cold. Light and dark brown colors of wood and modern wood textures solve this problem, making bathroom decor feel softer, warmer and cozier.

Bathroom decorating color inspiration

Anything can become the inspiration for bathroom decorating project, including the blue sky and chocolate treats. Look how Elsie Marley decorated her small bathroom in blue-brown colors. That is what she wrote about herself: I am a mother of three and wife to one. Before I had children I was a chocolatier and a baker.

Popular blue-green colors for modern interior decorating

Decorating interior in sky blue for spacious look

With dark chocolate colors of a wooden cabinet, combined with white and blue-green bathroom paint colors, she created comfortable, fresh and bright bathroom design. Decluttering, using light blue color tones with wooden furniture and white accessories are great for creating airy, fresh and pleasant interior design. Light bathroom decorating  ideas and stylish blue paint colors make even small bathrooms look bright and more spacious.

Bathroom decor before the transformation, photo by Elsie Marley
Bathroom decorating ideas, white and blue bathroom paint colors

Blue bathroom paint colors

Selecting light neutral color tones or light blue colors for walls, bathroom cabinets or decor accessories turns gloomy small bathrooms into stylish and inviting places. Choosing light blue color schemes that incorporate light or dark brown colors add beautiful contrasts to small bathrooms and helps visually increase their sizes.

Feng Shui bathroom decorating secrets

Small bathroom remodeling and staging ideas

Bright blue bathroom paint colors are perfect choices for setting a positive mood in large rooms decorated with rich color accents. Light blue color schemes are versatile, they create a universal appeal and a peaceful atmosphere in modern bathrooms.

Blue-brown color scheme, light blue bathroom paint color and wooden cabinets

Home staging tips

Beautiful and pleasant bathrooms sell homes. Choosing modern bathroom decorating ideas, stylish bathroom paint colors and matching home furnishings for bathroom decorating creates comfortable and attractive large and small bathrooms, and helps sell houses faster for more money. If you need to sell your house fast, modern bathroom decorating ideas should include light and neutral color schemes to make interior design look fresh, airy and attractive to a wide range of potential buyers.

Blue and brown color scheme, blue bathroom paint colors

Modern interior decorating ideas

Bathroom accessories and room heaters for luxury decorating and home staging

Interior decorating plan for saving your effort

Small bathrooms, light blue and brown color schemes

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