30 Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Home Staging Tips

contemporary bathroom design
Space saving contemporary bathroom design after remodeling



Small bathrooms feel cozy. Space saving, simple and elegant bathroom design ideas in minimalist style look great. Modern interior design, especially small  bathroom remodeling and decorating ideas, are refusing senseless accumulation of bulky objects and useless items. Simple and functional, attractive and comfortable bathtub, shower, sink, toilet and storage furniture are the best for modern small bathrooms, which are practical, light and stylish.

Modern bathroom design avoids useless details and accessories, suggesting people to purchase and keep only what is needed at the moment. And maybe, a comfortable, light, functional and small bathrooms are what people really need. Small bathrooms feels intimate, but if you wish your bathrooms were bigger, home staging tips and space saving ideas for bathroom remodeling can help create visually more spacious, attractive and functional home interiors.

Choosing space saving designs and light decorating ideas for small bathrooms, like light colors, small bathroom sink and furniture, space saving layout, effective storage solutions, bright lighting fixtures and glossy accessories, visually increase the room. Light room colors and free of clutter decorating are the most important elements of effective and beautiful small bathroom remodeling and design.

Space saving design and remodeling ideas for small bathrooms

Modern bathtub in oval shape featuring shelves for space saving bathroom design

Italian company Rexa Design, www.rexadesign.it/ has a creative team of designers who develop innovative modern ideas and offer great contemporary products for stylish and functional bathroom design and remodeling.

The new, inspired by the nature, oval bathtub with space saving storage shelves is great for large and small bathrooms in eco style. Organic shape and elegant simplicity creates a gorgeous bathtub that makes a statement.

Space saving bathtub design for small bathrooms from Rexa

The oval bathtub design offers a comfortable shape and convenient storage that can enhance space saving ideas and visually increase your small bathroom design.

The elegant beauty, classy neutral color, organic shape and soft curves make this bathtub with storage shelves versatile, suitable for bathroom design and remodeling ideas in any style.

Space saving ideas for small bathrooms

Space saving bathroom design layouts utilize all corners by positioning bathroom fixtures and furniture, a shower, bathtub, sink, small cabinets and storage shelves in corners. Simple and stylish faucets and decor accessories make small bathroom designs brighter and more comfortable.

Smart bathroom remodeling brings the best available space saving furniture and fixtures for creating functional and spacious small bathroom design layout.

Home staging tips and bathroom remodeling ideas

Top 10 modern bathroom design trends

Paint colors for home staging that sell homes fast

Space saving ideas for bathroom remodeling include functional and compact layout, light wall paint colors, bright lighting fixtures and light bathroom decorating which stretch small spaces visually and transform small bathrooms into a charming, bright and cozy retreats.

Modern bathroom sink faucet from Roca, Spain
COntemporary shower with glass wall for small spaces
Small bathroom design layout with two sinks, shower and toilet, top view
Space saving ideas, sink and toilet design for small rooms from Rexa Design, Italy

Home staging tips help dramatically improve the room appearance, creating more pleasant, stylish and comfortable small spaces without adding extra square footage to your bathroom or spending a lot of money on your bathroom remodeling.

Free of clutter small bathroom look inviting, large and bright

1. Choose light decorating ideas for bathroom remodeling and decorating. Storage furniture and decor accessories in light colors, floor, ceiling and wall paint colors or tile designs in light colors look harmonious with simple bur bright lighting fixtures.

2. Select easy to clean materials for more practical and comfortable bathroom design.  Machine-washable fabrics and smooth surfaces allow to spend less time keeping your bathroom clean and beautiful.

3. Raise the ceiling visually by using real and imaginary vertical lines. Painting ideas or wall tiles are excellent for adding dramatic stripes and beautify bathroom remodeling and decorating.

Vertical lines and vertical decoration patterns, like modern stripes, zigzags and wavy lines, make the ceiling look higher and add a spacious feel to your small bathroom design.

4. Design horizontal tile patterns to make your small bathroom design feel wider. Vertical and horizontal lines help improve small bathroom design, balance proportions and create visually larger spaces.

Attractive and creative storage ideas

3d home design offering realistic visualizations for remodeling and redesign projects

Small bathroom remodeling pictures before and after

Small bathroom before remodeling and redesign
Space saving contemporary bathroom design after remodeling

Modern bathroom design ideas for small spaces

Nobody knows your home better than you. You are the best designer and decorator for your living spaces. Be resourceful and find the most efficient, attractive and comfortable for your lifestyle small bathroom design layouts and create inviting and stylish small rooms that look and feel spacious and elegant.

Eco wall tile designs for modern life and style

Bathroom decorating with beautiful tub and space-saving shower

7 tips for small bathroom remodeling

Apply simple and effective home staging tips to your small bathroom remodeling and decorating ideas, and increase your small spaces visually. Look for space saving furniture, modern bathroom fixtures and design ideas and create functional and comfortable bathroom design.

Space saving ideas for small bathrooms

  by Ena Russ   

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