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Glass bathroom shelves, small bathrooms storage ideas



Modern bathroom is a multifunctional room, and attractive furniture and storage solutions are important elements of creating spacious, stylish and comfortable bathroom design. Interior designers offer various bathroom space savers and space saving interior design ideas, that add comfort, interest and style to small bathrooms.

Bathroom storage cabinets and shelves are necessities. Bathroom storage cabinets and shelves with attractive bathroom space savers are convenient and practical storage solutions. Keeping accessories, shampoo, soap and towels in your bathroom storage cabinets or in baskets on bathroom shelves offers a relaxing experience of enjoying a bath and having towels and all accessories, where you need them.

Modern bathroom storage cabinets and shelves are stylish and functional items that add trendy colors to bathroom design. Wisely chosen storage solutions, furniture items and lights complement your bathroom design and decorate it in style. (Modern bathroom design, lighting) Light contemporary materials, natural wicker or traditional wood texture are great for creating inviting and pleasant atmosphere. (Modern bathroom design, fixtures)

Contemporary bathroom space savers, bathtub with storage shelves, storage solutions

Every year bathroom cabinets, vanities and bathtubs become more functional and elegant. Today bathroom space savers and bathroom shelves can be arranged not only on walls or inside bathroom cabinets and vanities, but around bathtubs also. (Small bathroom remodeling ideas)

Glass bathroom shelves are excellent storage solutions that look light, convenient and interesting. Stylish bathroom shelves are great for storing all essential items, like towels, wicker baskets with soap,  shampoo or a hair dryer.

Glass bathroom shelves, small bathrooms storage ideas, utilizing space in a small niche

Modern bathroom cabinets, vanities and shelves allow you to collect all items you need in one place. Bathroom storage cabinets and vanities beautifully decorate the interior with modern colors, hiding unattractive items behind bathroom cabinets and vanities doors. Wicker baskets add natural accents to decorating ideas. Glass bathroom shelves make interior design lighter and airier.

Modern bathroom shelves, storage furniture items made of wood, wicker baskets, stylish bathroom space savers

Storage ideas

1. Create a beautiful niche in the wall with wooden, metal or glass bathroom shelves. Heavy items can be organized on stainless steel bathroom shelves or storage shelves made of wood. Glass bathroom shelves are ideal storage solutions for light items and decorative accents.

Bathroom storage cabinets and bathroom shelves are a smart way to utilize space in the walls niche. Glass bathroom shelves increase small bathrooms visually without any additional interior design changes, bringing more reflected light into the interior. Glass bathroom shelves are great for spacious decorating and home staging to sell your house.

Small bathrooms storage solutions, wooden bathroom shelves, towels storage ideas

2. Utilize all available space that an irregularly shaped bathroom design offers. Buy bathroom cabinets and vanities that fit into a wall niche, or install shelving units with attractive bathroom space savers.

3. Arrange bathroom shelves in a niche, keeping the floor empty for increasing small bathrooms space visually. (Tiny bathroom remodeling tips)

White bathroom storage cabinets with glass doors

4. Bathroom storage cabinets with mirrored and glass doors are great space saving storage solutions that interior designer and home stagers use to increase small bathrooms visually.

5. Group bathroom accessories and arrange storage shelves inside bathroom cabinets and vanities in accordance with your items heights. Efficient storage solutions and shelves design should utilize all available space inside bathroom cabinets and vanities.

Bathroom shelves made of white wicker baskets, creative  towel storage ideas, simple modern storage solutions

6. Wicker baskets and small bins look great everywhere, – on open bathroom shelves, under bathroom cabinets or vanities and on bathroom storage cabinets without doors.

Storage furniture items without doors help design more spacious interior, while decorating with color and texture. Storage furniture without doors or with glass doors are recommended for small bathrooms design.

Purple sink curtain, small bathroom cabinets and vanities decorating, creative storage solutions

7. Small bathrooms shelving units on rollers are convenient storage solutions for small bathrooms that add more comfort without taking a lot of space. Also bathroom shelves on rollers make floor cleaning easier.

8. Attractive bathroom space savers and dividers are great for improving storage drawers design and organization.

Small bathrooms organization, wooden bathroom space savers for storage drawers

Simple changes, storage ideas and bathroom space savers will increase storage space, creating more comfortable and functional interior design and helping keep all accessories, essential items and towels in order.

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Beautiful white metal accessories, towels storage ideas, elegant bathroom space savers

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