Tiny Bathroom, 7 Tips for Remodeling Small Spaces

contemporary round sink for small bathroom in white color
Contemporary design ideas, modern small sinks


Small bathroom remodeling can be a challenge or a pleasant adventure. Or both. Dark small bathrooms are not fun, but creative and modern remodeling ideas can transform the rooms into beautiful spaces. A wise selection of bathroom cabinets, efficient lighting, handy small storage ideas, and elegant small bathroom decorating can turn a dark, tiny interior into a cozy, comfortable, and inviting retreat.

Utilizing corner space and adding small corner units for storage are excellent bathroom remodeling ideas for creating a more spacious and stylish small bathroom design. Modern bathroom cabinets designed for small spaces are surprisingly functional, providing efficient storage and a fabulous look.

If your small bathroom remodeling design needs to accommodate a washing machine, use a small bathroom cabinet or open shelves for storage in the corner above the washer, maximizing available space, improving the functionality, and adding extra comfort to your new bathroom decor.

Modern bathroom remodeling ideas

Modern bathroom design trends

How to Feng Shui bathroom design

Unique small bathroom design ideas

1. Corner bathroom designs

Corner bathtub with LED lights, modern bathroom design ideas

Corner bathroom fixtures are space-saving ideas that help stretch small rooms visually and create spaciousness in modern bathrooms.

Space Saving corner shower design, space-saving bathroom remodeling ideas
Small bathroom sink with glass shelf, modern bathroom remodeling ideas

2. How to Feng Shui bathroom design

While developing small bathroom remodeling ideas, consider separating the bathroom shower area from the toilet area. It will Feng Shui your bathroom design following ancient Feng Shui design recommendations.

Feng Shui bathroom design by separating different functional areas
Small bathroom design ideas, wall niche with shelves for storage

A tall and narrow cabinet with drawers or a small open shelves unit can work as a room divider and help Feng Shui a bathroom. Also, it provides convenient storage for small things that are usually in bathroom cabinets: soap, shampoo, etc. To create practical and comfortable Feng Shui for bathroom design, leave between the wall or tall shelves and the toilet at least 10 inches or 25 cm.

3. Bathroom decorating colors

The bathroom shower head in bright yellow color, small bathroom design ideas

Small space defines the colors for bathroom design and decorating. Choose only light bathroom colors, neutral and soft tones for your small bathroom. Avoid bright colors and bathroom remodeling ideas that create strong contrasts which make small spaces appear smaller.

Modern bathroom remodeling ideas, colorful shower handle designs

Select a few matching interior design colors for your bathroom remodeling and use them for room decorating. Combining the light color of wood or plastic furniture, light wall paint colors or colorful bathroom wallpaper patterns, and shiny, glossy and bright bathroom decor accessories creates attractive and modern interiors.

Modern bathroom decor accessories, multi-color handles, small room decorating ideas

You can add bright decorating colors with small bathroom accessories and unique details. Stylish and colorful bathroom shower heads, handles, towels, doorknobs, towel racks, and small bathroom decorating accents can do the trick. Bright modern bathroom shower handles, doorknobs, and showerheads are available in 41 colors from Out of the Blue Studio, Germany, www.outofthebluedesignstudio.com/.

Small bathroom accessories, colorful door knobs for modern bathroom remodeling

4. Bathroom walls

Small bathroom remodeling should add attractive and functional storage. Do not waste walls space. Add open shelves for towels storage. Small bathroom decorating accessories look great on open shelves also.

Paint colors for home staging

Eco wall tile designs for modern life and style

Avoid large bathroom tiles on walls, dark wood bathroom cabinets, or shelves in dark color. Choose light bathroom furniture and wall paint colors for creating a visually more spacious and airy bathroom design.

Wall niche storage shelves and light furniture for small bathroom design

Consider new bathroom remodeling ideas and innovative space-saving solutions. See if you can design a niche in the wall for small bathroom storage. Select small and narrow, made of stainless steel or glass open shelves for your small bathroom. Design the wall niche with shelves for stylish bathroom remodeling and maximizing the available space.

Glass shelves for small bathroom design, spacious bathroom remodeling ideas
Small bathroom design, corner shower, vanity with sink and storage

5. Bathroom remodeling for comfort

Small bathroom remodeling should add more comfort to your functional room, so plan to utilize the space under the sink and add a seat to bathroom decor. Small stools with under-seat shelves for storage, glass doors, a space-saving stool that perfectly fit under the sink are ideal for small bathroom decorating. Look for space-saving chair models to add some luxury to your small bathroom design.

Contemporary stool with towel rack for small bathroom design
Space-saving bathroom decorating, seat under vanity

6. Small bathroom lighting ideas

A large mirror is a necessity, especially for small bathrooms. Mirrors do not take a lot of space but create a fantastic visual illusion of a spacious interior. Generally, you can not use bulky items for your small bathroom decorating, but wall mirrors can be huge.

Unique carved wood and stone mirrors

Small bathroom remodeling and staging ideas

Two mirrors, one opposite the window wall, and small bathroom cabinets with glass or mirrored doors are great small bathroom remodeling ideas.

Modern bathroom decorating with vintage furniture and large wall mirror

Modern lighting fixtures, stylish wall mirrors, glossy bathroom tiles, stainless steel fixtures, and shiny bath accessories reflect light into the room. These design ideas are perfect for small bathrooms. Also, glass doors, clear-glass shelves, polished and shiny bathroom decor items bring additional light into small spaces, creating airy and pleasantly bright bathroom designs.

Modern wall tiles and small sink for small bathroom under staircase
Contemporary small bathroom design ideas, small sink via westafel

7. Small bathroom sinks

Modern sinks and bathtubs design trends

Space-saving small bathroom sinks are trendy. Small bathroom sinks take less space, are functional and attractive. Small and beautiful is a contemporary trend in decorating small bathroom interiors. Modern small bathroom sinks nicely fit into corners and wall niches, creating a balanced and attractive bathroom design.

Corner sink and mirrored cabinet for small bathroom design

Today small bathroom sinks are available in many shapes – round, oval, square-shaped, or triangular; all small bathroom sinks are excellent, space-saving, and functional bathroom remodeling ideas. Small bathroom sinks create more area around the basin to store accessories and make your small bathroom more comfortable.

Corner bathroom sink for small room design
Corner bathroom sinks for space-saving interior design

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