35 Kitchen Island Designs Celebrating Functional and Stylish Modern Kitchens

wooden kitchen island with dining shelf and stone hood



Modern kitchen islands are popular interior design ideas that add functional, comfortable and stylish areas to busy kitchens. Their counter tops can be used for preparing food, dining and entertaining. Traditional or contemporary kitchen islands are normally located in the center of the kitchen interior. Additional surfaces can be used as a table for a quick meal or equipped with kitchen appliances, storage spaces or a sink.

Modern kitchen islands come in a variety of styles, materials, colors and function combinations, but there are three kitchen island designs that create main types, – built-in kitchen islands, kitchen carts and butcher block kitchen islands.

The built-in kitchen islands are a permanent fixture of modern kitchen design. These types of kitchen islands can be customized, selecting the materials you want for storage shelves and counter tops. Built-in kitchen islands give a lot more freedom to create a unique island and kitchen design that reflect your personal taste and lifestyle.

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Beautiful kitchen island designs

Wooden kitchen island design with appliances and decorative shelves

Modern kitchen carts come with wheels. These modern kitchen island designs can be placed and moved wherever you require it. A modern kitchen cart gives the flexibility of creating fresh and more functional kitchen design by moving this portable furniture around according to your kitchen design needs.

The butcher block kitchen islands get their name from the cutting surface. The butcher block kitchen island designs are popular options because it is handy to have a large working surface in the kitchen and easy to clean it after preparing meals.

L-shaped white kitchen island design with the integrated dining area

Butcher block kitchen islands designs can feature wheels or be built-in. The cutting surface is made out of hardwood pieces that are glued tightly together, forming a very strong counter top that is ideal for cutting and food preparation.

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When you think of your kitchen design there are many ways to create functional and stylish kitchen interior. Here is a collection of beautiful modern kitchen islandsĀ  that will help you decide what type you want for your new kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen island design

A modern kitchen island is a great way to give your kitchen design an upgrade with the added working or dining surface, additional kitchen storage spaces or second sink. A modern kitchen island in traditional, retro or contemporary style is an investment that changes kitchen design and allows to enjoy your kitchen by the whole family.

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