50 Outdoor Rooms that Make Everyone Say Wow, Inviting Outdoor Seating Areas

covered porch patio designs

Green roof patio design, wood dining furniture, contemporary home


Front porches, covered decks, terraces, and verandas are perfect outdoor places where people hold summer parties, dine, read, enjoying the fresh air. Families and friends get together in summer in outdoor rooms for fun, talks, and recreational activities. Many patio designs and porch styles can match individual yard landscaping, backyard size, and homeowners’ budget. Here is the Lushome collection of beautiful outdoor rooms that make everyone feel impressed and delighted.

When building a patio or terrace, the primary consideration is the present scenery families and their guests can enjoy from the open or covered outdoor living spaces. The local climate and the sunlight year’s directions define outdoor rooms’ designs that work to the advantages. If a property has a swimming pool, a patio adds a resort-like look to the backyard design. Waterfront properties with a deck, terrace, or porch with a spectacular view create a perfect atmosphere for relaxation.

Comfortable outdoor furniture, sun umbrellas, and a few planters with beautiful flowers are the things people need to design inviting and attractive outdoor rooms. Covered terraces and porches give shade and provide welcoming spaces on rainy and windy days. Patios, backyard porches, covered decks, balconies, and wooden decks are great outdoor living spaces where people sunbathe or relax in the shade. Outdoor seating areas and dining furniture enhance the design of outdoor rooms providing more opportunities to organize summer party activities while basking in the sun’s warmth.

Beautiful outdoor living spaces of Casa Cova Anonimous, covered deck with hammocks, small garden

Modern outdoor rooms

Small backyard ideas, beautiful outdoor living spaces staging homes in style

Modern fireplace designs, adding life to outdoor rooms

Morrocan style outdoor living spaces, exotic, glamorous outdoor rooms

A fire pit, fireplace, gas heaters, and outdoor lights are other practical and beautiful patio ideas that make nights enjoyable. Warmth and lights enhance outdoor rooms’ design and add a mysterious glow and a charming look to outdoor seating areas. Torches create a natural ambiance, and twinkling string lights on trees bring romance.

Cercal House design, outdoor living spaces for dining and relaxation

Covered outdoor rooms make life more comfortable in hot summers and rainy falls. Verandas and roofed patio designs allow enjoying all seasons. Porticos are functional extensions of homes that make house designs pleasant to the eye and create beautiful outdoor living spaces for summer parties and soothing moments.

Beautiful house with fantastic outdoor rooms

Outdoor living spaces with spectacular sea views

White Jungle outdoor furniture, beautiful decor for modern outdoor rooms

Patio designs come in various styles. Check out the patio ideas from experts, get inspired, and improve your outdoor spaces the way that is right for your home. Your porch, terrace, or deck is your home extension and needs to resemble your family’s personality, be functional, beautiful, and comfortable while enhancing your house design.

Chameleon Villa terrace, beautiful outdoor rooms
Roofed patio ideas, Clad Pad House design
Outdoor seating area with a small garden view
Contemporary patio ideas, unique architectural designs, House Shazai
Outdoor rooms, Tiing Hotel, Bali, architectural design by Nic Brunsdon
Ridge Oak Residence by Clayton Korte, covered patio design
Glass roof, outdoor furniture, outdoor seating area, Provence Hope Ranch, design by Peter Becker
Car porch outdoor living spaces
Creative outdoor rooms, art studio design
Beautiful outdoor seating area, contemporary home design by Beluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos
Outdoor furniture, patio design with the beautiful view of the swimming pool and lush greenery
Bedroom patio ideas, SF design by Beluzzo Martinhao Arquitetos
Villa terrace, design by Cohen Alon Architecture
Outdoor furniture, roofed patio ideas
Outdoor seating area
Covered patio design
Covered patio design, Sand House, studio MK27

Green roof patio design, wood dining furniture, contemporary home

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