50 Small Wood Projects, Recycling Scrap Wood for DIY Home Decorations

door stopper wood block

Recycling wood blocks for door stoppers, recycled crafts


Small wood projects are a great way to make decorations for your home and garden. There are many practical and attractive things you can design at home. Here is the Lushome collection of beautiful items created with small pieces of wood. These DIY ideas are perfect for people who have a minimum of skill, tools, and materials. The projects require basic knowledge of dealing with wood, but once you start recycling your scrap wood, you will quickly learn creative ways to reuse and recycle wood.

Small wall shelves, planter stands, wall clocks, and birdhouses are good projects to start recycling wood pieces. There are even small and uncomplicated projects that result in creating something valuable and functional around your house, like Christmas decorations, door stoppers, organizers, and table coasters.

Hanging bed designs to reuse and recycle wood palettes

Modern home decorating with salvaged wood

Recycling wood ideas for making rustic birdhouses, DIY yard decorations

Recycling for DIY wood decorations

Wooden wall shelves, planters made with scrap wood

All of the simple woodworking projects you can find in the Lushome collection below are compelling examples of recycling scrap wood for DIY home decorations. You can make most of them while saving money on home decor. Once you gain confidence with small wood projects, you will be able to make furniture and enjoy more complicated recycling projects.

Recycling wood for handmade furniture

How to reuse and recycle wood for planter stands

Green designs recycling wood doors and windows

Get inspired by wood recycling ideas and choose one or two small woodworking projects for decorating your home and garden. These recycling wood designs will help you start appreciating handmade creations, the unique texture, and beauty of the natural material, and develop DIY skills.

Hanging support for houseplants, recycling wood slices for home decorating
DIY wall clock designed with wood blocks
Wooden birdhouse decoration, wood recycled crafts
Recycling wood blocks for door stoppers, recycled crafts

Table decorations

Yard decorations and outdoor games

DIY Wall shelves

Wood planters and stands

DIY home organizers

Wood gifts and home decorations

Christmas crafts recycling wood scraps

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