Original House Number Signs to Personalize Facade and Increase Curb Appeal

house numbers plaques and signs

Creative cut out design, Corten steel house number sign

Creative house number designs and beautiful plates are fabulous for personalizing and accentuating the building. Using salvaged wood or Corten steel helps bring attractive colors and modern textures into the sign design and add the stylish decoration. Carved of wood numbers and original tile designs make home number plates noticeable and beautiful accents. Have a look at different styles of house number signs, and get brilliant inspirations.

A home number plate is a decorative item that is functional. House numbers make streets organized. Numbers help find the places easily, and original plate designs increase homes curb appeal. There is a great variety of plates and figures designs in all sizes, materials, and styles to choose. Turning the functional element of a street into a decorative item creates beautiful artworks that delight families and visitors and increase curb appeal.

Original address plaques and signs

Original house number written with words

People want to personalize their dwellings and save money. Creating unique house number signs are one of the ways to do it on a small budget. Also, people design original plates as unique gifts or make money selling the signs. Businesses can add a spectacular number sign to market the companies. It is something that gets noticed right away. Attractive, innovative or charmingly traditional house number designs bring art and magic into life. When they are carefully selected or designed to match the rest of the house exterior, number plates give a beautiful touch to the facade and increase curb appeal.

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How to beautiful house number signs with plants and flowers

Here you can find interesting ideas to recycle salvaged wood, mosaic tiles or wooden slices to personalize your home number. Also, there are designs made with screws and wire. Even ordinary numbers arranged on a reclaimed wood board look extraordinary. Framed numbers, decorated with green grass, an old door with painted numbers in contrasting colors, creative cut out designs or number sign written in retro style are original solutions for personalizing homes.

Recycling old wooden doors for home number plaques

The main advantage with unique plaques and signs is that they enhance the home style and show the creativity of the owners. The matching style, innovative design, gorgeous material, and contrasts in colors or textures work together to personalize the buildings and offer a fabulous way to add character to your home or office on a small budget.

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1. Metal designs

Salvaged wood plate with metal number, driving license decoration
Framed metal numbers and green grass
Creative cut out design, Corten steel house number sign

2. Recycling and painting ideas

Font designs in classic style
Recycling wood slices and glass jars, beautiful house number sign with fresh flowers
Wooden fish with painted numbers, creative address plaque

3. Tile designs

Tile design in contrasting white and red colors

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