Fern Decor for Room Windows Facing North and Interiors Lacking Sunshine

eco friendly home decorating with ferns



Beautiful ferns in hanging containers or on plant stands are excellent room decorating ideas that make your home feel fresh and healthy. Gorgeous fern leaves add color, unique texture and a natural touch to your room decorating. Growing the real fern plants or using fake plants for decorating your home, bringing fern into your room will dramatically change the way your space look and feel.

Green ferns not only offer attractive and simple decorating ideas for empty corners and windows, but help control the air quality and humidity level in a room. Elegant indoor plants are among eco-friendly house plants that efficiently clean the air in the room. Also ferns need clean air to survive, so opening windows once in a while is a good idea, that helps ferns and you stay healthy.

Nephrolepis is a perennial fern. Ferns grow in tropical and subtropical climate. There are about 1000 different kinds of Nephrolepis ferns. Charming house plants, ferns have creeping stems with feathery leaves that eventually turn yellow and fall off. Nephrolepis exaltata is native to South-East Asia and tropical regions of Americas. These ferns grow well in light rooms in front of north, north-east or north-west windows. Ferns do not like direct sunlight.

Interior decorating with fern plants

Dining room decorating with house plants, hanging ferns

Growing ferns

Ferns grow at normal room temperature. In summer the air temperature in the room should not exceed 20-22C or 68-72F. In winter green ferns need cooler temperatures, 12-14C or 54-57F.

Nephrolepis fern needs regular moderate watering and prefers soft water. Feed these house plant with a half strength solution of a balanced 10-10-10 liquid house plant fertilizer once in every 4 weeks.

Perennial fern for room decorating with natural Green accessories

On hot days these indoor plants want to be sprayed with water at room temperature. Do it frequently, and do not place your fern near the sources of heat. If you notice dark dry leaves, the reason is the air in the room is too dry. Just spray indoor plants more often.

Ferns need to be re-potted into a slightly bigger pot every second year. You can damage ferns roots, but do not worry about it, just be careful and do your best. Put commercial indoor plant mix into the bottom of the pot, so that when you put the fern in, the soil level will be an inch below a pots rim.

Add more soil to the sides and water to move the soil down to the roots. Repeat until the pot is filled to avoid the air pockets around ferns roots. Trim broken stems and leaves off, and let indoor plants recover. Plastic indoor plants containers retain moisture and protect ferns roots from the air moving to the roots and creating a drying effect. Ferns strive in humid conditions.

Green home decor miniatures

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Lighting tips

Fern spraying, growing healthy fern plants
Green indoor plants, simple room decorating ideas

Ferns need the light for 12 – 16 hours a day. Grow lights, special bulbs for indoor plants are designed to provide the full spectrum light that natural sunlight have. They help green house plants to grow healthy. If a fern grows near a window, a plant does not need any additional source of light.

Creative dining room decorating, dining table with growing ferns
Decorating corners with fern plants, northern window decoration ideas

Room decorating with fern plants

Ferns are inexpensive, eco friendly and simple room decorating ideas for an empty corner or window decoration. Healthy indoor plants look fabulous and make pleasant cheap gifts, that can brighten up any room decor.

Bright contemporary planters with ferns for interior decorating
Green indoor plants for eco friendly room decorating

Ferns bring softness and freshness into modern room decor. Indoor plants add relaxing green colors and leaves texture to room decorating ideas. They are great for Victorian or country style room decor.

Green home decor, shamrock plant, St Patricks day or Christmas gift ideas

Green color for room decorating

Feng Shui home, colors and Chinese symbols

Ferns create relaxing and welcoming rooms. Small print wallpaper designs and fern leaves are perfect match for creating Victorian or country style interiors.

Kitchen decorating with ferns
Simple dining room decorating with indoor plants, ferns

Hanging ferns make the ceiling feel lower, but in the room with high ceiling and large windows ferns look wonderful. Attractive indoor plants containers with charming ferns are simple room decorating ideas that make your home healthier and more beautiful.

Ferns for interior decorating in eco style
Natural bathroom accessories, eco friendly decorating with fern plants

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Bedroom decorating with ferns
Fern in containers and green colored glasses for wood furniture decoration

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