Maranta Plant for Interior Decorating with Green Accessories

green leaves maranta plant
Beautiful leaves that grow without direct sunlight



Shade loving house plants are great ideas for decorating home interiors with gorgeous green leaves. Maranta plants belong to the arrowroot family of low light tolerant house plants. It is a family of flowering plants, known for their large starchy rhizomes. These shade loving house plants are ideal for decorating home interiors that lack natural light. These tropical plants feel wonderful in rooms with small windows and in dark corners.

Maranta plant is a native of Brazil. Maranta plants are small, low light tolerant house plants that are perfect for inexpensive and attractive room decorating or staging home interiors for quick sale. Broad oval green leaves of these tropical plants grow up to 5 inches or 12 cm long by half as wide. These indoor plants add beautiful rich green color accents to modern home decor, offering healthy natural home accessories for eco homes.  The individual house plants reach up to 10 inches or 25 cm in height and make great, showy home decorations in eco style.

Low light tolerant house plants are used in floral arrangements adding attractive compositions to interior decorating and beautifying rooms that are lacking natural light. These dark green house plants have leaves that grow horizontally to the ground. They are arranged in two rows with the petioles having a sheathing base. The leaf blade is narrow or broad with pinnate veins running parallel to the midrib. These indoor plants have underground rhizomes or tubers.

Interior decorating with Maranta plants

Wall garden with Maranta plants

The leaves may change its direction. They are horizontal in good conditions, while the lack of light forces leaves to move upward and fold together.

These plants with lush green leaves look very attractive, offering an ideal indoor plants for decorating home interiors with dark corners.Maranta plant blooms in late spring to early summer, but its very small white flowers with tender purple spots are not particularly impressive.

Floral arrangements with Maranta plants

Maranta Leuconeura Erythroneuro needs full shade and warm temperatures, above 16-18C or 60 – 64F.  These house plants do not like direct sunlight, love humidity and a lot of watering.

Low light tolerant indoor plants, like Maranta, are great for basements, laundry rooms and bathroom decorating, or other rooms located in the northern side of a house.

Low light tolerant house plants naturally  grow well indoor. Trimmed at least twice a year, this indoor plant is growing vigorously, particularly in summer, and is easily propagated by division. Charming fern and Maranta plants offer attractive and cheap ideas for interior decorating, brightening up dark rooms and corners.

Maranta plant is easy to care for. Shade loving ferns and Maranta plants are attractive house plants that are versatile for interior decorating. These indoor plants grow and stay healthy while decorating bathrooms, family rooms, home offices and kitchens with fabulous texture and surviving cloudy days.

The plant is great for home staging also, adding green accents and a natural feel to rooms and helping prepare a home for sale. Although these low light tolerant house plants require some light, they grow well in dark corners, adding beautiful green color to interior decorating.

Beautiful shade plants with lush green leaves
Cheap ideas for interior decorating, shade plants

Maranta plants are lovely, inexpensive and very decorative house plants that work well as green accessories, clean the air and create healthier interior decorating in eco style. These tropical plants are in the list of eco friendly house plants that improve the home air quality very effectively.

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Ferns for decorating room windows facing north

Tips for growing healthy plants

1. In late spring, summer and fall these low light tolerant house plants can be moved outside to a shady place, if the weather is warm enough. The soil temperature should not fall below 18C or 64F.

Kitchen decorating with fern and maranta plants

2. A soil mix should consist of 2 parts peat moss to 1 part loam to 1 part sand or perlite. Weekly fertilizing with a balanced fertilizer diluted to ½ the strength is recommended for these tropical plants.

How to decorate a kitchen with green plants and save money

Green home decor that cleans the air, top 10 eco-friendly house plants

3. Since Maranta plants have a shallow root system, they should be planted in shallow pots. Re-potting should only be done if the plant outgrows its container.

Floral arrangements with Maranta plants for interior decorating in eco style
Maranta plants growing in glass terrariums

4. The soil should never be allowed to dry out. Maranta plants prefers soft water at room temperature. The soil should be always moist, but there should be no excess water in a pot.

5. These house plants need to be frequently sprayed to avoid the appearance of dry spots on house plants leaves.

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Flowering plants
Wall decorating idea, vertical garden with Maranta plants

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