Altamarea Bathroom Sink Integrated into Large Wall Mirror with Carved Wood Frame

bathroom mirrors with carved wood frames and integrated round sink and lighting
Modern bathroom mirrors with integrated sinks and lighting



Secjo bathroom sink is a unique design that integrated a metal bathroom sink in a large wall mirror. The mirror features a very decorative carved wood frame that can be made in different styles. These bathroom sinks are impressive, unusual, and versatile, perfect for modern bathroom design. The bathroom sink and mirror frame come in two other models to embrace different tastes and match interior design styles.

The bathroom sink in Baroque style has a gold or silver leaf pattern on its mirror frame. The carved wood design of the large mirror frame is enhanced by chic finishes that increase the effect and make modern bathroom sinks look luxurious and exclusive. The bucket-shaped round sink can have stainless steel, brass, and copper finishes. The round shape is soft and beautiful, ideal for creating bold contrasts with a large rectangular wall mirror.

The Secjo bathroom sink and wall mirror is a perfect model for those who look for luxury bathroom design with a touch of sophistication and unique style. Functional, beautiful, and contemporary bathroom sinks integrated into wall mirrors bring originality into modern bathroom design and set one of the most spectacular design trends in bathroom sinks.

Modern bathroom sinks and wall mirrors in vintage style

Modern bathroom sink integrated into a big wall mirror

Italian manufacturer Altamarea developed a new lighting fixture with glass or fabric lampshades and bathroom sinks integrated into bathroom mirrors. The new collection includes unique lighting and bucket-shaped metal sinks and mirror frames designed for stunning bathroom decorating.

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The bucket-shaped sinks look antique, and carved wood mirror frames add to these fabulous bathroom fixtures; while integrated into large wall mirrors, these bathroom sinks bring innovative design into modern bathroom decorating.

Bucket shaped modern bathroom sink and large wall mirror with lights in vintage style

The Secjo collection of bathroom sinks integrated into wall mirrors with lighting fixtures are great for modern bathroom decorating in vintage style and creating a stunning and elegant interior design that can enhance Art Deco and retro styles.

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Modern bathroom sinks, wall mirrors, lights

Modern bathroom vanities and sinks adding chic to beautiful bathroom designs

The impressive, bucket-shaped, modern bathroom sink, attached to the bathroom mirror with lights, can be used inside and outside. Large modern bathroom mirrors feature gorgeous frames that have elegantly carved wood decorations. The beautifully designed, carved wood, stone, and metal mirror frames are available for exclusive customers.

Modern bathroom sink integrated with large mirror with lighting

Designed as a shiny bucket bathroom sink is illuminated by stylish lighting fixtures in vintage style. Old fashioned, simple, and elegant lamps with painted glass or fabric lampshades are fixed right to the bathroom mirror frame and help create bright and functional bathroom decorating.

Carved wood mirror frame with integrated round sink
Bucket shaped modern bathroom sink in vintage style

Exciting and genuinely unique bathroom accessories, furniture, and fixtures give character to any bathroom design. The bucket-like round sinks look fabulous on huge bathroom mirrors, adding personality to bathroom decorating in vintage style.

Modern bathroom mirrors with integrated sinks and lighting
Bathroom mirror in a carved wood frame with glass lighting fixture

This set of contemporary bathroom sink and mirror can be customized and made of different natural materials – wood, stone, and metals.  Carved marble mirror frames and marble bathroom sinks look incredibly exclusive and luxurious, adding a classy feel and chic to modern bathroom decorating. Also, elegant Marmoglass bathroom sinks made of modern composite material are great for creating spectacular bathroom decor.

Modern vanities with sinks and wall mirrors

Contemporary bathroom vanity with sink, wall mirror, wooden cabinet
New bathroom vanity with sink, wooden cabinet, wall mirror

Altamarea is a bathroom design and manufacturing company that offers many other elegant and innovative modern bathroom vanities, sinks, and cabinets that feature unique decorative details in vintage style. Softly curved lines and rounded edges, beautiful insertions of lace fabrics, and carved wood make modern bathroom mirror frames look fantastic.

New bathroom vanities have simple top surfaces made of solid wood, glass, artificial and natural stone, contemporary composite materials, and metal. Stylish mirror frames have simple lines and are perfect for interior design in any style. Modular furniture elements with new bathroom sinks and storage cabinets allow modern bathroom designs of any size and make them functional, space-saving, and personal.

Contemporary glass sink, wall mount bathroom sink
Modern bathroom sink vanities in dark wood

Classic or contemporary, old-fashioned or new bathroom vanities, sinks, cabinets, wall mirrors, and lighting fixtures from the Italian designers look impressive, showing sleek lines and natural colors, and bringing unique shapes into modern bathroom design.

Contemporary bathroom sinks and wall mirrors

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